Hamlet; NG; 800 limit; Assets 9600; Pop 245; Conventional; 200 humans, 10 lizardfolk, 7 half-elves, 6 halflings, 4 dwarves, 3 gnomes (These numbers represent initial statistics, they have changed since the PCs arrival)

Government/Authority Figures:

  • Lavinia Vanderboren—Lord Mayor;
  • Lord Manthalay Meravanchi—former nominee for lord mayor;
  • Professor Aldwattle—council member;
  • Vesserin Catherly—(half-elf)chaplain and council member;
  • Telda Syren—(half-elf)council member;
  • Captain Ulvar Kabbanja(deceased)—former militia captain and council member

Nominally, Farshore is headed by the 5-person Expedition Committee, headed by a Lord Mayor, elected for life. The office of Lord Mayor has expanded significantly from little more than a figurehead to the dynamic force guiding this fledgling colony on its rocky journey.

History: Farshore was founded three years ago by the Vanderborens and Meravanchis. The Vanderborens stayed three months, then returned to Sasserine with spices for some specific supplies not thought of at first and more colonists.

Meravanchi has run things well, though his ambitions are not in line with the Vanderborens: he wants to increase his holdings; they want to become a trade depot.

Inhabitants: Former Sasserinians with a smattering of converted Mazticans, though more natives commute than live on Temute itself(the island was originally abandoned due to the presence of a troglodyte tribe). Farshorians are an industrious, hardened lot. Some feel abandoned by the Vanderborens and some feel exploited by the Meravanchis. Meravanchis are all for annexing more land and the Seven Villages, while Vanderborens prefer to consolidate Farshore and prosper by trade, not expansion.

Places of Interest: Clayworks, Vanderboren Manor, Meravanchi Manor, Tehrik;s Tannery, The Last Coconut, Farshore Chapel, Hall of Records, Apothecary’s Infirmary, Aldwattle’s Laboratory, Greenhouse, Militia Barracks.

Exotica for Sale: spices, pearls, other gemstones.

Religion: Diverse: the sole chaplain in town is dedicated to Mielikki, though shrines to most good/neutral gods are represented. Most venerated are Mielikki, Shaundakul, Ilmater and Lathandar. A new church, dedicated to the agricultural deity Chauntea, has arisen in recent times to rally the commons around a theme they fully understand—inebriation.

NPCs in Residence:

Greffold “Redfoot” Fiddlebiter—(halfling)manages clayworks with his family;

Draynas Sellis—(dwarf)Sellis Woodworks and Smithy;

Tehrik Arrelion—(human)chief leatherworker and huntmaster;

Malfus Fairwind—(human)proprietor of The Last Coconut;

Jeran Emrikad—Hall of Records;

Ruby the Weaver and her apprentice Malue Inachi

Hevrik Aldwattle—alchemist/naturalist/Seer(19)

Niles “Lefty” Borstein—undertaker(6)

Vesserin Catherly(half-elf)—chapel head priest(15)

Jeran Emrikad—Farshore’s scribe (Seekers)(16)

Niolera Aldimis—fisherman(1)
Pito Aldimis—Militiaman(3,4,8)
Shanda Aldimis—Meravanchi groom(10)

Hergin Arnier—Vanderboren butler(9)
Louise Arnier—Militiaman(3,4,8)
Vash Arnier(half-elf) —Militiaman(3,4,8)

Tehrik Arrelion—Tanner(13)
Galliana Arrelion—Tanner(13)
Gerris and Dantrik Arrelion—apprentice tanners(13)

Malfus Fairwind—proprietor of the Coconut; bard(14)
Elene Fairwind—Meravanchi parlormaid(10)

Malberry Fiddlebittler—clayworks(11)
Wingko and Tapper Fiddlebitter—infant twins(11)

Maia Geracht—acolyte of Mielikki(15)
Kantus Geracht—hunter

Merena Igard—Vanderboren maid(9)
Tovar Igard—Last Coconut kitchen boy(14)

Ulvar Kabbanja—Militia Captain(3,4,8) DECEASED
Neurae Kabbanja—Farmer(20)
Ulvasht Kabbanja—Farmer(20)
Ke and Jen Kabbanja—Farmer kids(20)

Phaerr Lipias—Meravanchi groom(10)
Shalin Lipias—Meravanchi valet(10)

Gnelio Llerdin—acolyte of Shaundakul(14)
Ortym Llerdin—Vanderboren chef(9)

Tousa Maine—Meravanchi retainer(3)

Mop Manenet—shipwright(12)
Tassim Manenet(half-elf)—Meravanchi curator(10)

Lord Manthalay Meravanchi—joint expedition leader(10)
Avner Meravanchi—Manthalay’s nephew(10) DECEASED

Art Minda—fisherman(1)
Nadine Minda—Militiaman (3,4,8)

Novarr Oddish—tinker(12)

Harm Rai—Meravanchi butler(10)

Norparn Rais (Norri) —fisherman(1)

Cordin Roneland—arms and armorcrafter(12)

Dinithne Sellis(dwarf)—Miner(12)
Dranys Sellis—Carpenter and smith(12)

Telda Syren(female half-elf)—herbalist/apothecary(17)

Olden Tarbot—Militiaman(3,4,8)
Ashlee Tarbot—Vanderboren steward(9)

Beryl Tharnin—Militiaman(3,4,8)
Dermil Tharnin—Meravanchi upper maid(10)

Lanteus Tinuis—acolyte of Lathander(15)

Atress Userig—carpenter(12)
Aureth Userig—Militiaman(3,4,8)

Lady Lavinia Vanderboren—joint expedition leader(9)

Koryll Virtold—Meravanchi chef(10)
Syllia Virtold—fisherman(1)

Ninki Weepnat(halfing female)—carpenter(12)

Naztloc, Tribal Warrior of Tanaroa—Meravanchi’s native guide(10) DECEASED

Sassaja(lizardfolk) —Militiaman(3,4,8)

Ruby the Weaver—best weaver, home factory(21)

Sea Wyvern Crew
Tavey—Last Coconut waiter(14)
Amthrin—acolyte of Velsharoon, also Waukeen(15)
Deva Kedavaursley—shipless captain (14)
Malue Inachi—designer for Ruby(21)
Eslina Ignaak—dayworker on the docks(1)
Cessra Deinar——dayworker on the docks(1)
Emira Brighton—dayworker on the docks(1)
Tassue Shisgar—assists Lefty(6)
Urol—spends his time bothering Aldwattle and Tassim and Naztloc(19)
Lirith Veldirose—attached to the exotic Naztloc(10)

Jade Ravens
Tolin Kientai—leader (14)
Zan Oldavin—prankster (14)
Kaskus Kiel—mountain druid(14)
Liamae Teslikaria—morbidly obsessed with her luck(14&15)

Blue Nixie Crew
Captain Janus Kholmy—Blue Nixie
16 crew member staying aboard: Sharshym, Pheniir, Dible, Astrold, Margin, Trurdwin, Ugliir, Aldin, Eloniir, Yvudas, Taer, Shalerie, Mindra, Tessuma, Othnilla, Besynna

Colonists from the Feather
Daeriel Ilvrar
Shoular Bail
Vashti Marptil
Aemryll Tonwon
Daliisel Baelin
Leilyrl Oller
Ira Halshelun
Era Eleth
Lynnii Goular
Roanuelis Shalvrestoon
Imblas Shalvrestoon
Enlond Leth
Aryl Marptil
Naro Bail


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