Nimbus Bow

This bow sparks, raising the hair on your neck as you reach for it.

weapon (ranged)

This bow is a +2 shocking burst longbow. its use may add his strangth bonus to damage as if it were an appropriate composite bow. It can change freely into a kauakoi. Against reptilian monsters (including dragons), it deals an dextra 1d6 of electricity damage.

As long as its owner is out of dorrs, he can produce the following effects:
control winds 1/day by waving the bow overhead
summon nature’s ally V 1/day by firing an arrow into the air, wich turns into a medium arrohawk
warp wood 3/day by pointing the bow at the target


This bow is a triad gift from Queztalcouatl, Tonatiuh and Tezcatlipoca, favoring the Olman hero Macutotnal, who used it to lead his people in ridding the Isle of a nasty group of linnorms.

Nimbus Bow

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