Demon-finding Cloak

A bright yellow cloak, coarsely woven with sinister scarlet runes.


Just a cloak. If enhanced with magical properties, it takes up the shoulder slot. Any chaotic evil outsider viewing the insults on a Demon-finding cloak must make a DC 20 Will save to avoid responding in any way.


The lettering on a Demon-finding cloak is actually Abyssal taunts, insulting to demons. It is believed that no demon would wear one, therefore anyone wearing one is not a demon.

The cloaks form a camouflage design for colorblind animals, assisting one wearing said cloak to differentiate between an animal and a demon masquerading as one.

The cloaks are woven from amaranth fibers and the letters applied with a stain of vervain root for the letters.

Demon-finding Cloak

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