cloak of resistance

A black and gold Cloak with stars and moons weaving about.


These garments offer magic protection in the form of a + 2 resistance bonus on all saving throws.


In my travels with my brother before we got to the arch angel head quarters we visited a town. Everything seemed well until we found that the mayor was not really human, he was actually a ogre mage in disguise. He was a tyrant who would raise the taxes and cause major problems with the people in town who disagreed with him. That tyrant would go as far as killing them off with his thugs he had brought with him. We discovered he was an evil being and decided to challenge him.
He was defeated easily after all we had the gods on our side. I re-leaved him of his cloak. We did the honorable thing and returned the goods and gold to the towns people. The good towns people celebrated in our honor and after a time we moved on towards the arch angels.

cloak of resistance

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