Amulet of tears

As the sun hits her, you can see the jewels shine magnificently. The beauty swallows you in and for a minute you are mesmerized.


Body slot: Throat
Caster level: 4th
Aura: faint (dc 17) enchantment
Activation: swift (command)
Adorning a dark silver chained pearl necklace, it adorns three large pearls that hang three
smaller crystals and chains it sits elegantly on the neck, it reminds you of a sad cloudy day. An amulet of tears has 3 charges, which are renewed each day at dawn, spending 1 or more charges when you activate the amulet grants you temporary hit points, as described below. These hit points last for up to 10 minutes; they don’t stack with any other temporary hit points.

1 charge: 12 temp hit points
2 charge: 18 temp hit points
3 charge: 24 temp hit points


I one day befriended a couatl, everyday our friendship grew stronger until one day he asked me for a gift as a token of our friendship. I presented him with a ring the priests from my home
“the church” had given to me as a sign of my nobility, it was a golden ring with a red ruby. The priests had told me it wasn’t much but a lady such as myself should wear it and my friend knew of my love for the sun god and also my love for the couatl. In return the couatl Seahawn had presented me with this amulet of tears to place upon my neck. So that the sun could shine off of its jewels and make rainbows. Seahawn realized my heart was to big to only belong to one. As he offered the necklace to me he whispered now you can walk hand in hand with both gods.

Amulet of tears

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