The Savage Tide

The Lost Citadel part 2

8. Stone Face
The eyes of this massive stone face appear to be looking down the south tunnel, and tis lips are pursed as if whistling. A soft current of air escapes fromt he carving’s mouth. A single glyph has been carved into the wall beneath the face.

The glyph inscribed beneath the carving is ‘Mawan’, Olman for listen. Int check for Olman speakers reveals a pun: ch’ab, sacrifice.

Tico pokes at something green in the face’s right ear. Instantly, a black hole materializes in front of the entrance to the crypt behind them. A Hurricane force wind blasts from the face towards the hole. Rynn, Iago and Axtli are caught up, sucked towards the hole. Grabbing blindly, Tico and Yeferia manage to grap Iago, but Rynn and Axtli disappear into the void. The winds stop and a female booming voice anounces, “Tzolo accepts your sacrifice! Xipetotec grant new life to the worthy!” The key falls from the face’s right ear.

Based on what the party knows, everyone concludes that the two missing members are probably still alive, for now. They are likely undergoing some kind of test designed by the diabolical Tzolo to test her followers. No one suggests following them.

9. Hidden Cache
A lonely pillar of green basalt stands in the center of this fifteen-foot-high chamber. The pillar is remarkably only for its size, six feet in diameter. The rest of the room is bare.
The pillar has a keyhole at its base. Once activated, a niche opens beneath the pillar, revealing another scrap of parchment. It reads, “Blessed Tzolo, favored one. She tests our mettle and rewards the worthy. Only the penitent may pass.”

10. Long Pillared Hall
A row of black marble pillars extends the length of this 20’ high hallway. A door in the south wall is painted with a griffon head.

A dark suit of full plate armor with curved blades instead of hands stands against the wall. Close inspection of this armor reveals gears at the armor’s joints, and peculiar geometric designs etched into its metallic surface. There appears to be a keyhole in the bas of its neck.
Once fixed properly, the armor patrols hallway.

The party locate the key and a strange manual and prayerbook in a nearby room (they also find a mimic, which they take down and Iago opens like a pinata)

12. Ceremonial Chamber
The ceiling of this eighteen-foot high chamber is painted to resemble swirling patterns of churning water. Alien creatures struggle in the chaotic maelstrom. The once-bright red walls have faded to a dull pink. In the center of the room, a large basin carved into the floor is painted with a scene that initially appears to mirror the painting on the ceiling, but upon closer inspection it is clear that the figures struggling in the maelstrom are humans. Two braziers with glowing coals stand in the northwest and southwest corners. A large tapestry on the north wall depicts several animal-headed humans staring out blankly into the chamber, as if in a trance. Another tapestry on the south wall depicts a feast in which animal-headed humans fight for scraps of meat. A deep-red marble altar flanked by brass candelabra stands agains the east wall. Several items rest upon it. Each candelabra holds seven candles, all black except for the sourthernmost one, which is red.

The party found a tiny viper in a box on the altar, which bit Tico. He could speak common, and the party agreed to free him if he helped them navigate the fortress. His insight was minimal; he rarely left the room, it seems, but he knew a little. His insight into Tzolo left the party with a bad taste in their mouths, as he claimed that Tzolo regularly dispatched followers by telling them to sacrifice Sesse with an invisible knife. Sesse would then bite the surprised follower. Sesse was killed by a lightning bolt that hit Tico in the naga lair.

13. Painted Mural Corridor
A faded mural covers the entire length of the east wall. It depicts bull-, cat-, camel- and mole-headed humanoids carrying a large banner with an inscription.

The Maztican inscription reads “Pig of camel brig thee woe, Hippo clears the way to go.”

14. Two pools
Veins of black run through the white stone of this chamber. Two pools, one long, one short, occupy the room’s center. The long pool is 3 feet deep and filled with crystal-clear water. The short pool is only two feet deep and its bottom appears to be littered with coins.

A secret doorway from here connects to the pillared hall, Myri thinks, but no one followed through. A doorway leads to are 15 and a hallway that led to area 11 and 16.

15. Mosaic Symbol
The gate to this area is made from a strange, bluish metal. The floor is decorated with a huge mosaic of the symbol for Tzolo, inventor goddess. Myri thinks the symbol could also be for Kelemvor, god of death.

No on entered the room. Sesse called it a ‘teleporter’.

11. Ctenixil’s Lair
The black pillars in theis dark chamber are fashioned as though huge snakes are coiled along their lengths. Unlike snakes, however, the heads of the carvings are those of various animals and humanoids.

Fought spirit naga here. Sesse got crisped, Tico ate him off her wrist (party consensus=ew). Yeferia delivered killing blow.

16. Descending stairway.

The stairs in this dusty corridor descend 40 feet. Twenty feet beyond the last step, the corridor ends at a blank south wall.

An inscription found on the last stair read “NOT (North, then South)”.
A secret door was found in the south wall. Tico entered the room, then vanished. The rest of the party, after some debate, followed.

17. Trick room
This chamber is identical to the small room hidden at the end of the decending staircase.

A scything blade trap caught the adventurers unaware in this chamber. Eventually, they found their way out of th chamber, escaping the deadly blades.

18. Pillar and Pool Chamber
The ceiling of this 25-foot-high chamber is supported by a great number of cleverly carved marble pillars decorated with intertwining roses, snakes and delicately clawed hands making strange signs. A 20-foot pool sits in the center of the chamber.

The party is attacked by some kind of hideous humanoid female, who almost kills Girrard. Myri summons a giant crocodile to pin her down. The croc deliver the killing blow, so Myri instantly dismisses him so he can’t munch on her loot. A wand of lightning bolt is her reward.

The party decides to set up Myri’s house here and get some rest.


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