The Savage Tide

Story So Far (Part 2)

Through the Maelstrom(s)

Sea Wyvern’s Wake

After seeing Lavinia safe, the group returned to Kraken’s Cove for a piece of boot too large to carry with them before—a merchant caravel. Even damaged, the ship was still worth a lot of gold. Lady Lavinia financed repairs on their ship in return for its service on a voyage with her own; she had recently discovered her parents travel journal and learned about Farshore. Determined to save her parents’ legacy and escape the pain of losing her entire family now, Lavinia outfitted both ships with materiel and colonists for the 3-month journey.

The ships set sail on 15th Eleint, intending to round the Chultan peninsula.

27th Eleint—Stopover at Fort Beluarian for water/shore leave

29th Eleint—Sea Wyvern and Blue Nixie run the Brotherhood Blockade. Later, Lavinia celebrates their success with a dinner.

Higharvest—-Morale Officer Sympathy runs the celebration

2nd-5th Marpenoth—-Urol’s pit stop at Tamoachan

8th Marpenoth—-Jaquarta

12th Marpenoth—-Port Nyanzaru

16th Marpenoth—-a hurricane separated the ships, leaving the crew of the Sea Wyvern to travel solo, with only the hope that the Blue Nixie would catch them up eventually.

20th Marpenoth—Sea Wyvern limps into Shilku for repairs. No word of the Blue Nixie.

28th Marpenoth—Sea Wyvern arrives in Rencrue, receives word from the Blue Nixie, leaves the same day.

4th Uktar—Llammon Ammund falls ill, party removes a slaadi egg. ew.

13th Uktar—_Sea Wyvern arrives on Nimbral, a bad storm traps them there til the 21st.

22nd Uktar—Stop at Ruja for water

25th Uktar—Make full canvass to bypass the infamous Shipgrave Isles

27th Uktar—Sea Wyvern caught in bad storm rounding the Isle of Dread

30th of Uktar—Sea Wyvern crashes, all thrown overboard.

Feast of the Moon—everyone wake up on a beach on the Isle of Dread

Here There Be Monsters

As everyone organizes on the beach, a T-rex discovers them and wants some supper. They tackle the T-rex, salvage what supplies they can from the wrecked Sea Wyvern and camp out for the night. That night, terror birds ambush the camp, killing Miss Crazzle, Urol’s companion. We sneak our way through the forest to an Olman ruin inhabited by an aranea named Lithira. She shelters us for the night, and does a reading, warning us that “four eyes have gazed upon you, and his servant seeks you out.”

We distract the terror birds nesting near a tunnel to get through the mountains. The pass is long and has some dangerous vermin. We open the doors on the far side and pass into a cliffside trail. Along the trail, hallucinations abound and we fight off a group of Gargoyles. Eventually, the trail turns inland. We leave the cliffs of insanity almost with relief.

Which is short-lived, as we find ourselves lost in marshy, foggy jungle. Life sounds die out, our dreams are tortured. Eventually, Zalk goes a little crazy and tries to sacrifice Yeferia to escape. Fortunately, he fails and no one notices. An ape-demon and his friends ambush the camp, kidnapping Zalk. Yeferia eventually learns to use her detect evil to track the evil permeating the are to its source—an old occult shrine.

Navigating past the traps and Bar-lguras, the group eventually finds Zalk and his captor. Zalk, tortured past endurance, forces his familiar, Content Not Found: Mikl, to utilize Zalk’s orb to end the pain, to end all pain for him. The Evil pervading the region warps the item’s effect, Mikl is unable to control it and Zalk transforms into a flaming death knight; being dragged from this plane of existence in the process.

The group turns its attention to the demon and kicks its ass. It turns to a large statue, praying for help. The statue comes to life and smashes the Bar-lgura like a full mosquito before turning its attention to us.

Battle Highlights:

Kira learning that you can’t fly with a heavy load
Avner running like a scared ballerina
Rad also being squished
Rad being brought back as a hairless dwarf

Destroying the statue appears to end the ant-lion trap effect of Fogmire. The group re-forms (minus Zalk) and heads south. They gain passage through the Wall and are welcomed to the Olman village of Tanaroa, where Kira discovers that he’s engaged.

Farshore, hope of so many, has been reached.


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