The Savage Tide

Letter to Yeferia

My lovely Yeferia;

I had a visit from you uncouth servant, Kira. His description of your beauteous defense of all that is good and pure moved me to tears. I hope this missive finds you well and that your mission goes well in that Gods-forsaken prison. This Saureya must be some creature, to have survived so long amidst such evil. The light of your purity must be a balm to their spiritual wounds!

I have thrown my country into your efforts—surely this demon will take all of our might to defeat. My seer-sages scour the multiverse for information on him and this dastardly plan, my griffon riders mobilize, trainers assist the Archangels and my smith’s forges run day and night. Please, if there is anything you need for your own efforts, do not hesitate, I will not fail you! Ah, it wounds me, this separation, as a Lady once said:

At what price
is fonder:
gentle rain

You may have the use of this messenger for you cause, simply identify to whom you would like this delivered to, as if scrying(be sure to specify on what plane the creature is currently).

Your ardent servant,


astrounicorn astrounicorn

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