The Savage Tide

Letter to Talmorin

My very dear Tal,

It is a great pleasure and relief to have a letter from you. This is truly a dreadful and terrible place, and I shall not be sorry to put it to my back. However, there is still work to be done here, preparations to be made, although they are taking entirely too long for my liking.

There are few if any more fierce in their desire to see Demogorgon and his servants defeated than Saureya. And yet, I sense an odd hesitancy about him. That he is sincere in helping us strike a blow against our foe, I do not doubt. Despite that, he seems reluctant to commit himself; there are always more drills to be performed, more prisoners to be healed and rehabilitated, more intelligence to be gathered. Once when we went on a scouting mission, he actually refused to set foot outside the prison walls! I suspect the reluctance to leave the place is a reflection of difficulty in putting the past behind him. He seems to have grown so used to living in a prison that, despite being free now, he cannot quite think of himself as a free man. If this goes on for much longer, I will have to take steps to get him to face his past and leave it where it belongs — behind him. He will do no good to himself, or our cause, by living as lord of the dungeon that once imprisoned him.

I am so pleased to hear that your efforts are going so well — your contributions and your peoples’ will be ones to sing of! I look forward to seeing you again, when this wretched war is all over. I dedicated my life to spreading good across the world, and accepted this commission from my goddesses without complaint; but I do yearn for a rest, for a time when I can catch my breath a bit and have something other than the battle against Demogorgon in the forefront of my mind.

All the best,



astrounicorn marusaia

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