The Savage Tide

Baelon's Bodacious Blog Part 8: Baelon Takes Manhattan (I mean, the Abyss, which is like the same thing)

We're in the Abyss...again.

A servant of Ra shows up and begins talking. It makes me wonder: Who the heck is Ra? That old guy, Ruaquiss, is being cranky at Juni, who seems to take it all in stride. She wants to know what we’re going to do with the shards of the Shadow Pearl. She asks about our leadership, and the old guy mentions Tico. I tell her of how Tico is a fearsome warrior, defeating fifteen assassins with her chest! I do take some pork from the old guy, but since it’s not all the way cooked, I have to use my fire breath to finish it up. It is pretty good though.

We make it to Tico’s office, and Juni beats a hasty retreat, and I’m afraid we caught her off guard. Well, I’m not really afraid…but maybe, I mean she did just defeat all those assassins…

Burna (I think that’s it) begins talking to Tico, and I think my eyes glaze over. Mirri says something about a shield, but I think Elora is still hurting a lot from her brother dying. After all that talking, we attempt to figure out what to do next. I think we’re gonna kill some snake people to get this Shield of Praetor back. I believe it can do a lot of things that Meric’s dung beetle can do. The old guy randomly says that he hates intelligent items, but as for myself, I don’t know. I hate squishy socks, though, and he says he’ll polymorph the next couple of demons into socks. We might get along, but eventually, he might figure out that I’m not retarded. Oh well.

After some shenanigans, we’re ready to go, but Ruaquiss has to go to the bathroom, so we wait. Juni comes back from the bathroom, and we’re all ready to go. A second later, and we’re there! The old guy summons a disk to get around, Juni sneaks, and hell, I activate my armor’s ability to fly out of sheer jealousy. We tromp through the forest, trying really hard not to argue back and forth like normal, and…what’s that on my boot. Oh man, these are nice boots! What the hell—

Serpent folk just pop out of nowhere! They leap out of the…well, someplace! Holy crap! Juni becomes a whirlwind of activity, and winds up spinning herself into dizziness by stabbing the crap out of a tree. It falls over, bleeding to death. She leaps over to another and stabs it to death, while the old guy resists another attack. In short order, we waste these guys.

When their backup shows up, we hide. Ru has the idea to follow them back to their lair and we find their secret entrance! Thanks to Juni, we don’t set off their poisonous fire trap, and make our way into the lair. Apparently, these snakefolk like to poison all their doorknobs- we’ve got Elora using her telekinesis to open the doors, so no problem. But…why bother? Is it flavoring? Do they taste through their hands? Man, these snakefolk are crazy!

For some reason, Ru pats me on the head and says, “How cute, it thinks it can cast spells.” I smile broadly. One of these days, old man…

We come across a room full of magic stuff, but I’m not having an easy time identifying, so I don’t care.

We hear chanting from behind the next big door, and the snakefolk seem to be summoning a doorway of some kind. Well, we can fix that.

We burst through the door. Ru casts some sort of bouncy ray-type spell, while Elora attempts to yank the shield away from the guy holding it over the pit of breakiness. Elora keeps yanking the shield away, much to their consternation. A few of them close off the doorway in front of Juni and me- I almost feel sad for them. I think one or two just explode, instantly clearing the way for us. Juni races forward, slaying another of these creatures while the big guy runs away like a little girl. Thanks to Ru hasting us, I line myself up with a couple of them and cast Whirling Blade. Turns out, these guys are rather squishy.

After the battle, we discuss what to do next. We’ve got what we came for; we don’t have to follow the big guy through the mirror. There’s talk, of shattering it, but Ru says bad things happen when you try to break it. Instead, we strap the mirror to one of these guys, unstrap it, and just kill the guy and take the mirror with us. Juni goes wandering off, and comes back with a Shadow Pearl!


Juni and Ru inpsect the thing, confirming the pearl’s effects. Ru teleports away, possibly to a volcano to drop that damned mirror in. I guess that big snakefolk won’t be coming back anytime soon! The rest of us, however, are headed for Hymat. I separate from the group in our downtime; I set down on paper everything that I’ve been doing in the Box. I fear that, at any time, I will shift back to wherever it is I came from, and someone else will take my place. I’m not terribly worried, though: That would just mean that my skills would not be suited to whatever’s gonna happen next.

The next day, we prepare for our next journey, when we’re approached by a huge guy wearing dinosaur bones all over himself. He says his name is Shokti, and he helped kill Emraag the dragonturtle. He’ll either fit in, or die trying! After we accept him into our band of misfits, we circle up; it’s time to go to the Abyss. Juni won’t hold my hand unless I wash them, so I spend a few seconds snorting and hocking…only to grab my canteen and wash them. What can I say? I’m unpredictable!

With new guy in tow, we find ourselves in the Abyss, then we use some kind of tuning fork to get the rest of the way there with another teleport. This place, is almost completely dark, but we make our way through on the marble walkway. When we find the well with the fingertrap, there are already people there that look really shifty. They sort of threaten Elora, which does not fly with me. I conjure a wall of iron between us…for privacy.

Suddenly, a bunch of giant mosquitoes pop out of the hole. Shokti harpoons one of the creatures, and another hits him with a ray of enfeeblement, I’m sure of it. The creature yanks him over the lip over the portal. Hopefully, he’ll live long enough for us to pull him out of it. The creatures summon a bunch of swarmy things, but they don’t last long: Elora dispels them with relative ease. The creatures are a lot more agile than they look, and they avoid my Whirling Blade a little too easily. I’m gonna get these guys! Just to my right, Kira slays another of these monsters, and it tumbles into the hole. Another falls as well.

That’s when I see the hands.

In no time, a bunch of zombie mummy creatures pop out of the hole! They do a lot of damage to us, but I’m about to lay down some hurt on these guys. Elora shoves an Orb of Force towards one of the mosquito guys, and I carve a huge scar across one of these ghouls. Kira slices into the ghoul as well, but it still stands. Shokti hurls his other harpoon at the other creature, and climbs the rest of the way. One of the creatures latches itself onto Kira, who slips his grip, but Juni is not so lucky. Neither am I, as one of the damn things takes a bunch of swipes at me. “Excuse me,” I say to it, while I hack at the mummy attacking Kira and utterly destroy it. I whirl around, burying my blade in the creature’s sternum. Because of Casidhe, one of the creatures vaporizes. Kira cuts into the one on Juni, and all I can see is the flashing of steel. I think Shokti is rummaging around in the hole, but I can’t actually be sure, being as I can’t see into it. Suddenly, Juni leaps off the side of the hole, creature still attached. I can’t really be bothered by it,though, because there is still the one in front of me that I carve into again. Kira slides around me, his own blades digging into the zombie. A bolt of pure light lances between Kira and I, obliterating the creature. With nothing to kill, I activate my armor’s ability to fly, and float down into the hole. I watch as Juni and Shokti decimate the corpse that was attacking them.

Phew! Another life threatening combat, and nobody died. We get ourselves out of the grubby hole. Both Juni and Shokti are covered with grime, and he discovers that we have to go through my wall to continue on, and now it doesn’t seem like such a good idea to do have put it up in the first place. Casidhe creates a sweet looking house in the Abyss for us to crash in, and I’m happy about that. I’m pretty banged up and really tired, so I get a hell of a night’s rest (no pun intended). After eating an enormous amount of food, we leave the mansion and start again.

We traverse the landscape, taking the twists and turns as we do so. We finally come across another pit; this one seems to have trees coming out of it. As we cautiously approach, four barlagoras leap out of the pit!

Oh, it’s on.


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