Tides of Dread

Tides of Crimson

After weeks of preparation and sweat, the Crimson Fleet, led by the infamous Vanthus Vanderboren, attacks!

Battle for Farshore

The attacking fleet consists of five ships(The Hag, Bitch Queen’s Curse, Kraken, Stygian Shark, and the flagship—The Brine Harlot), each with a complement of 30 bloodthirsty pirates. Vanthus himself, now a half-fiend, captains the Harlot. Next is a rough timeline describing the battle’s progress.

0: Hag, Bitch Queen’s Curse, Kraken beach themselves entering harbor. Stygian Shark deploys flesh golems(DC 20 Spot check), avoids beaching.

1: Golems encounter Octopus Tree, 3 rounds of battle destroy 1 golem, injure others. Hag, Bitch Queen’s Curse, Kraken work to free ships: 5 rounds. Two launches from each ship lowered. Farshore Ballista begins firing at ships.

2: Brine Harlot anchors just beyond sandbar with good view of proceedings. 3 launches are lowered.

3: Stygian Shark drops anchor some 30 feet beyond main dock. It’s listing, but whole. It’s launches are lowered.

4: Huge plant mass floats to top of water.

5: Brine Harlot begins firing ballista at shore.

6: H BQC, K freed from sandbar, lower remaining launches and anchor near cliffs. Initial launches boarded, head for shore: 7 pirates per launch

7: Brine Harlot’s launches are filled, head for shore.

8: Stygian Shark’s launches are filled, head for shore.

9: Hag, Bitch Queen’s Curse, Kraken fire ballistae at shore

10: 2 launches founder on the stakes, the rest go around.

11: Hag, Bitch Queen’s Curse, Kraken fill launches, head for shore.

12: 2 launches cut through the stakes rather than go around.

13: Stygian Shark’s first pair of launches land near cellars.

14: Cellar/spider trap springs

15: Stygian Shark’s last launch lands.

16: V’sesslin begins seeing flares, starts fireballing

17: 4 launches from H, BQC, K land, two at each of the chokepoints. 7 pirates each. 14 pirate swimming reach shore.

18: Squad of Pirates breaks through defenses, heads for the field hospital!

19: Mirri blocks them with evard’s black tentacles, sends Pauth to Kira if necessary.

20: Theo, on the wall, pegs a spectacular shot at PC enemy

21: Glimpse of Rat’s Ender; Brine Harlot stops firing.

22: Last 6 launches from H, BQC, K land (7 pirates each)

23: Demonfinding cloaks flapping, the Olman engage! Pirate flares PCs.

24: V’sesslin pegs PC’s with enlarged Fireball

25: DC 25 Spot to see Flesh Golems destroying water stakes

26: Olman foils Fireball headed for HQ with jar of magebane

27: Mirri’s ‘summoned’ lantern archon casts aid on party member with lowest hp, then moves on (helpful brit)

28: Mikl arrives with a gift for Frizzon: orb of ‘good-aligned’

29: 2 launches from Harlot land (8 pirates each)

30: Bored Phanatons begin sniping from trees, roofs, etc.

31: Last launch from Brine Harlot lands (8)

32: Flesh Golems’ heads appear from beneath the waves

33: Phanaton pegs PC on accident.

34: Flesh Golems emerge, head straight for newest watchtower. Message from Mirri.

V: Once the PC’s engage V’sesslin directly, Vanthus spots them through his spyglass and directs his Vrocks to enter the fray. V+1: Vrocks cast mirror image on themselves V+2: Vrocks cast heroism on themselves V+6: Vrocks teleport into Farshore, somewhere the PCs would be lured away from V’sesslin. Message from Theo when they appear.

When Vrocks are killed, Vanthus goes into a short rage, killing his remaining crew, then flying straight for HQ, intent on Lavinia

Ending: Victory!

Dead count: Lithira, Ulvar Kabbanja, ½ the spiders, 2 Olman, 20 colonists

Recovered: all ships but the Brine Harlot, 10 000 gp and loot, 36 prisoners, no officers, large shipment of illegal drugs

Reward: ‘Hero’ status, loot share given by Mayor Lavinia

Axtli: amulet of health +2; p(vigor) ; wilding clasp; spice bag(500 gp worth) Iago: +3 mithral chain shirt; S(remove curse); S(renewal pact); 1000 gp Kira: Periapt of Wis +4; p(vigor) ; 1000 gp worth of pirate jewelry Rynn: W(mirror image)x10; Gloves of the Starry Sky (M204)—you can glow and shoot magic missiles; 500 gp; spice bag(500gp worth) Tico: Sending stones;p(vigor;)+1 sharkskin armor; 500 gp; spice bag(500 gp worth) Yeferia: Dust of appearance; p(vigor) ; 1000 gp worth of pirate jewelry Mirri: W(enlarged fireball)x30 , s(great thunderclap); 250 gp worth of pirate jewelry Frizzon: boots of speed: 10 rounds of haste per day; ring of protection +2; 1000 gp worth of pirate jewelry

Tides of Dread

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