The Lake of Dreams

The Lake of Dreams is a whisperer of truth, a harsh, unrelenting force of knowledge. from its waters spring the magical rivers that span the cosmos: The River Styx, The River Oceanus, and the River Meeldtar.

The Lake is the home and birthplace of the water wierds; elemental creatures that guard sacred waters, See with Savras’ Eye and generally speak in riddles. The few who travel to this distant locale come in search of answers, drawn by the lake’s ability to heighten scrying, or produce true dreams. Savras, however, did not leave his Lake unguarded. Those who sleep on the Lake of Dreams often wake feeling as if the hadn’t slept, and the longer one stays, the more obsessed with the waters one becomes, eventually throwing oneself into the black waters, never to be seen again.

Erratic Time- Every day spent upon the Lake is a dream. How long the dream takes is rolled randomly from the following table:
1 1 day
2 6 hours
3 2 days
4 1 hour
5 1 tenday
6 1 minute
7 3 days
8 1 round
9 5 days
10 1 month

Sleeping on the Lake acts as scrying for the sleeper, who looks in on one thing/person the sleeper cares about. Upon waking, the sleeper must succeed on a DC 15 Fort Save or she will lost one wisdom and receive no benefits from rest. A character reduced to 0 Wisdom from the Lake’s drain becomes a Lakewraith, throwing herself into the lake at the first opportunity.

Static, Sentient, limited, wild magic: Spells that would alter the lake or affect its denizens, the water wierds fizzle entirely at the best. Weather/tides are linked to how emotional creatures in the vicinity are—strong emotions, positive or negative can create killer storms.

Water-Dominant: Only applies to fire creatures dunked into the waters, though swimming the Lake holds its own dangers to all.

Neutral aligned: Non-neutral aligned creatures suffer -2 to all Cha checks for each non-neutral alignment

Wild Magic: magic from the divination school is automatically maximized and saving throws are automatically failed. Spells from other schools have a 25% chance of not working.

The Lake of Dreams

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