Lost City of Tamoachan

Urol has asked the PC’s to accompany him to Tamoachan to explore a recently-uncovered crypt. He got a map from a sailor whose party was balked by a basilisk, but feels confident about your ability to best a mere basilisk.

Tchechiwani’s Nest
The Jungle parts to reveal the ruins of a large chamber, once held within the root of the zigurrat above, but now open to the elements. Images of pouncing and stalking cats grace what is left of the vine-strangled walls. Dozens of mouldering stuffed jungle cats lie scattered around the edges of the exposed chamber, along with several strangely unweathered statues of humanoids dressed in armor. Of the five passageways that once led into the ziggurat’s depths, only two remain uncollapsed.
Tchechiwani is the Olman word for basilisk.

Xichiquetzal’s Chamber
A huge statue of a lumbering man outfitted in decayed skins and cracked skulls, his gaping tusked mouth wide enough to swallow a halfling whole stand to the north. A battered but once intricately carved well sits to the south. The Whole area is littered with skulls and shards of rusted metal.

Mictlan’s Portal
A 10-foot wide, 50-foot long landing overlooks a larger chamber to the north, accessible by a short flight of downward sloping stairs. The entrance to the larger room is framed by skeletons carved into the 5-foot wide arch, their bones intertwined with hundreds of carved snakes. Unnerving ripples of black smoke slither and dance among the carvings.
The floor of this chamber once contained a breathtaking carving of an ancient city, yet time has taken its toll, reducing it to a tangle mess that, ironically, still seems to reflect ruined Tamoachan above.

The New Tunnel
This tunnel appears to be a natural vent.

The walls of this room are covered in eroded glyphs and heiroglyphics depicting what appear to be batlike creatures feasting on humanoids. The eastern wall beyond a low archway consists of a large engraved portal.

Tloquatcha’s Crypt
This chamber bears a stange resemblance to the previous one, in that the floor consists of a stone scale model of an ancient city. yet this chamber seems relatively well-preserved. The layout and style of the city is also quite different, with four wide canals converging upon a large lake in the center, from which rises a great stone pyramid. Mighty temples rise from the low angular buildings, while the stone walls depict lifelike images of leering bats, lizards and snakes.

The Great Calendar Stone
A huge circular disk of stone dominates the floor of this chamber, its face covered with dozens of concentric rings of hieroglyphs and shapes.Twin statues of men dressed in strange armor and wearing towering headdresses made of coiled snakes and bat wings stand beyond the stone in front of an archway.Beyond the archway beckons a circular room, its walls adorned with dozens of niches in which rest the dessicated bodies of long-dead men and women.

The Well of Death
A yawning shaft descends into the gloom here. The walls of the shaft are fitted with hundreds of niches, upon which lie the dusty bones of heroes, priests, kings, queens and warriors of a bygone age. Resting upon the topmost niche, cradled in the arms of a skeleton, is a glittering golden statuette of a bat.


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