Small Town; NG; 800 gp limit; Assets 4480; Population 1123; Conventional; Isolated(96% human, 2% dwarven, 1% gnome, 1% other)

Government: Shilku is a small resupply port run by a merchant’s association. regulations lean toward lax, with fines being the primary crime deterrent.

History: Founded by the Scarlet Brotherhood in years past, the toppling of the Brotherhood’s empire led to Shilku’s coming under the control of its trading magnates. It trades freely with all, yet still maintaining loose relations with her former master.

Inhabitants: The human stock is mostly Tashlutan(Scarlet Brotherhood) and a smattering of Olman. Most immigrants are sailors rather than landsmen.

Places of Interest: The Tipsy Despair is Shilku’s main tavern, on the water.

Exotica for Sale: Mango wine, Jackfruit

Religion: The Laughing Captain, Umberlee, Ubtao

Names: Koru, Ta, Kine, Minane, Kongako, Muhuhia, Tainini, Tari, Riti, Ta, Nenoa, niria, mahiru, Kere, Mari, Tuavi, Anertu


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