This unique card deck is used in faerun as a fortune-telling device. It consists of one of each of the named cards in the deck, although experienced Seers will tell you that unique cards and unusual versions of original cards crop up frequently. Traditionally, the coins used in the divination are the Seer’s payment; Seer Seeing for themselves or pro bono use magnolia pips.

Eye of Savras

Past Present Future
1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9
  1. Deal cards face up in numerical order.
  2. Place coins on each of the present cards: 3 on good/evil, 4 on neutral.
  3. Resolve the present cards: Evil cards give two to the left, one to the right; Good cards give two to the right, one to the left and neutral cards give two to each direction.
  4. Then resolve the outer ring of cards, beginning at 7. Evil cards give one to counter-clockwise; Good cards give one to clockwise and neutral cards give one in each direction. Cards with not enough counters perform no actions. Counters weight a card’s importance, affecting the reading.

Past=how the situation came about or what has already been effected by it
Future=how the situation will likely resolve without interference
Present=how to achieve desired outcome/prevent undesired outcome

Good Cards (meanings)
Aurora Eidolon (compassion, quid pro quo)
Chromatic Star (redemption, helping hands, sacrifice, change)
Heartwood Shard (magic, important item, survival, abandonment)
Knight of Sursi (protection, restoration, patience)
Nessian Courser (travel, restless)
Pearl Shard (magic, important item, shelter, hoard)
Seal of Promordium (nature, plants, wilderness, adaptation)
Wellwisher (sharing, altruism, selfless, ingenuousness)

Evil Cards (meanings)
Bogardan Rager (chaos, destruction, ire, temper)
Death Rattle (infamy, threatening, tumor, illness, indifference)
Dragon Shadow (mistakes, predators, fearful, doom)
Ebon Drake (division, servant of evil, greed)
Grave Peril (retribution, death, reckless)
Shrouded Lore (night, the hidden, ambition, forbidden)
Veiling Oddity (loss, water, guile)

Neutral Cards (meanings)
Calming Verse (music, poetry, history, artists)
Eternal Witness (vigilance, spies, memory, time, fate)
Galvanic Key ( fame, improvement, discovery, puzzle)
Lantern of Insight (insight, information, motivation)
Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers (lodestone, vitality, growth)
Reito Lantern (lost souls, hope, search, path(s))
Seer’s Vision (insight, information, undercurrents)
Shinen of Life’s Roar (vitality, lodestone, obsession)
Spectral Searchlight (path(s), search, hope, seeker)
Sword of the Meek (fame, improvement, underdog, inheritance)
Tranquil Garden (music, poetry, history, artist)

Readings done:
Lost Citadel Seeing


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