Rowyn's Revenge

A list of events laid at the feet of [[:Rowyn Kellani]], former head of the Lotus Dragons:

Dinner with Lavinia
To celebrate a successful blockade run, in that no one was lost, Content Not Found: Lavinia invites everyone over the the [[:Blue Nixie]] for a party. The ships are anchored for the night, and a net thrown across the distance to facilitate travel. The party goes well, but the net fails on the return voyage, plunging Content Not Found: Brydgewydget into the water!

Highharvest Festival
At the height of the party, Content Not Found: Tavey lets loose a pickeled water mephit.Later, Content Not Found: Tavey claims he was acting on orders from Content Not Found: Urol, who claims to not have spoken with the boy all evening. The mephit, [[:Phht!]], is eventually calmed down, the party promising to assist her in getting back to the elemental plane of water, her home.

Friends in High Places
Content Not Found: Brydgewydget, playing with Content Not Found: Amthrin’s air elemental, Phoon, in the rigging, falls when a rope tears. Sympathy think the rope might have been cut, but no one is certain.

Aftermath of Tamoachan
The group returns from their second exploration of Tamoachan to find Avner tied to the mast, spitting mad. His leg is badly burned and there is a 3-foot diameter hole burned into the deck. He claimed to have been acting on Content Not Found: Urol’s orders, keeping Content Not Found: Sympathy wet to aid in her unstonification. Content Not Found: Urol denies having spoken to Content Not Found: Avner at all and says her would certainly would not have let Content Not Found: Avner play with acid.

No one is sure what to think, but they let Content Not Found: Avner go and post a watch on [[:Sympathy Forus|Sympathy]]. The next day, Sympathy is gaining some mobility, she can talk and use her arms. A party is thrown in her honor.

At the party, [[:Rowyn Kellani|Rowyn]], disuised as Content Not Found: Tavey, summons an ape to smash the partially-stone [[:Sympathy Forus|Sympathy]]. When caught, she drops the disguise and tries to kill [[:Kira Tenryu|Kira]]. She is killed, but the ape shatters [[:Sympathy Forus|Sympathy]].

Rowyn's Revenge

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