Capitol of the island of Axuxal

Small town; CN; 1600 gp limit; Assets 4500; Population 1585; Unconventional; mixed(79% human, 9% lizardfolk, 5% dwarven, 3% gnome, 2% half-elf, 1% other)

Formerly a Scarlet Brotherhood outpost, the citizens of Axuxal turned to Savras for advice after the Brotherhood withdrew 20 years back. A mis-read divination led to their current form of government—a theocracy led by a wiley of basilisk, one Tchechiwani, with the aid of a magical maze built under the theocracy’s founder, a crazed maztican called Iczonox. A proposal must be but into a yes-no format, then the proposer reads the proposal in front the the maze entrance, then enters. If the proposer exits, then the proposal is ratified.
Tchechiwani ensures that enough self-serving laws are created that he won’t go hungry.
Recently, Tchechiwani has been imprisoned in his own maze by a group of Seekers armed with a maztican basilisk-helm. They are currently ‘fixing’ his maze, so that only Seekers can navigate it—others being teleported to Tashluta’s slave pens and have meanwhile ‘passed’ a resolution forbidding proposals for the next month.

Axuxal, ruled from Rencrue, is an agrarian paradise—expecting the yearly hurricanes. Tribes of Olman thrive pahhily here, oblivious to changes at the top.

Inhabitants: Mostly Olman, a smattering of tashlutans and sailors and an increasing number of Seekers.

Places of Interest: Tchechiwani’s Maze
Dry Dock:ship repair
The Drowning:dockside tavern
The Dry:upscale tavern/restaurant
The Stocks:by decree, all citizens must visit the stocks every day, so a marketplace has sprung up there
The Old Marketplace:stores are still in business here, but they also have vendors at the stocks

Exotica for Sale: See Fort Beluarian. Also Maztican weapon/armor crystals

Religion: Tchechiwani is converting the populace to the worship of Ubtao, but the original pantheon is still venerated and Umberleehas a token shrine as well.


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