Port Nyanzaru

Port Nyanzaru

Thorp; N; 40 gp limit; Assets 60 gp; Population 36; Monastic; Mixed(79% human, 9% lizardfolk, 5% dwarven, 3% elf, 2% half-elf, 1% gnome, 1% other)

Government: The monastic community of Port Nyanzaru is run more or less by a collection of Ubtao’s clergy. The site is a pilgrimmage locale for worshippers of the Creator of the Chult. Aside from the occasional raid, violence and crime are unheard of or punished en masse.

History: Rumored to be the spot where Ubtao stood to raise the jungles of Chult fron the waters of the Great Sea, Port Nyanzaru is home to an enormous maze made of stone and vines. Those who solve it are reputed to be blessed by Ubtao, though one of the duties of the monks who tend the maze is to sweep it nightly, rescuing the unworthy.

Inhabitants: The monks called to serve here are drawn from the tribal peoples of Chult—Mazticans, lizardfolk, dwarves and elves, mostly. Pilgrims are generally of the same stock.

Places of Interest:
Maze of Ubtao—the sole reason for the fort’s existance is to give pilgrms and the monks who service the maze a place to sleep. The maze itself is massive, covering 4 square miles.

Exotica for Sale: none

Religion: Ubtao is a nature god mostly—he was elevated to divinity by a consensus of the Faerun deities to guard against the ending of the world, which Savras has pinpointed to being in the Chult when the “shadow serpent” awakens. He doesn’t expect much in the way of worship, just respect for his jungle and dedication in completing tasks

human—Cateotin, Xinuan, Tlacul, Iczonox
dwarf—Mukain, Garnd, Gwilla, Isythra
elf—Gulanyon, Tosston, Jhulteena, Ilalee

Port Nyanzaru

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