Olman Villages

Seven Tribes have villages on and near the peninsula south of The Wall:

The finest fishers and aquatic hunters, the bold young warriors of the Burowao prove themselves by braving the terror of Widow’s Reef far from their cliff-top village. Burowao sail war canoes and glide atop the waves on polished boards made from Koa, a type of tree considered sacred. Damaging koa groves is blasphemous and highly insulting to the tribe’s ancestor spirits. On the other hand, presenting the village with evidence of a great victory over a fearsome aquatic predator would go a long way to winning favor. The Burowao were the first to craft and use shimalokoa.

Nestled intheir ancestral cove, the Dawa are sometimes targeted by pirates seeking a location for a secret headquarters to raid Nimbral. While all Mazticans are stealthy, the Dawa specialize in it and maintain control of their cove through guerrilla tactics and shadow warfare. The tribe is very paranoid and tends to attack armed strangers on sight. The Dawa are very proud of their skills and become annoyed at a lack of respect for them or at being shown up.

Most of Kirikuka’s animal totems consist of aerial creatures. Their village is dotted with idols of couatls, dragons and pterodactyls. Anyone who can fly by some means is greatly impressive. The tribe invented and specializes in the use of the japute.

The stoic but generous Mora offer shelter to visitors.Moran fighting traditions are central to their culture and they respect martial power above all else.
Meekness or begging provokes disgust—they do the bare minimum for such weaklings, but refuse any association. Brawling is an encouraged method of greeting strangers and determining status. Moran mvembi are some of the most powerful among the tribes; ‘wrestling the dead into service’ is tied to physical prowess. Destruction of the undead tribesmen is disrespectful. Morans are credited with creating the first kahiko form.

The Panitube are intrigued at the prospects of foreign trade. Their warrior culture was deeply undercut with the arrival of Farshore’s inhabitants and their commodities. They prefer to remain aloof from military concerns, though happily engage in trade ventures. Seafaring has become a creditable vocation among the young persons.

Power/status is passed down matrilinearly in Tanaroa. They respect strong women and scoff at male leaders. By far the fiercest warriors, they make formidable allies and tend to lead the others by example. Their proximity to the Wall and the terrors beyond tie up many of their able warriors. Tanaroa is the isthmus’ first line of defense and proud to be so. They are credited with first crafting the difficult-to-master kaua’koi.

Adrift spiritually since the cataclysm, the Usi have great respect for religious personages. Those earning tattoos from the totems or bearing signs of devotion are venerated. Recently, missionaries have been visiting from across the sea.

Olman Villages

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