Small Town; NG; 3000 gp limit; Assets 15000; Population 1571; Magicl; Isolated(60% half-elf, 35% human, 4% elven, 1% other)

Government: Rauthaven is nominally under High Lord Talmorin’s rule, though like most Nimbral High Lords, Talmorin rules through his Herald ( Skannajh ). Heralds of Nimbral wear distinctive black-with-white-piping “triangular” tabards over black breeches and high boots. The tabards are identical belted black robes dominated by an equilateral triangle-front having one point at the belt, the other two giving the wearer wide, impressive shoulders. This triangle echoes Leira’s holy symbol, but no Herald will be pleased to be told this. All Heralds live simply, presumably as directed by the Lords. They’re encouraged to have hobbies, some of which seem odd to outlanders (the collecting of human skulls, for instance).

History: The history of Nimbral remains sketchy at best, but moon elves colonized this forested island of wild beasts long ago, and they later welcomed humans from Halruaa who worshiped Leira, goddess of illusions. Intermarriage became common until almost no pureblood elves remained. No record of strife exists between elf and human inhabitants of Nimbral.

Inhabitants: Most Nimbrese are half-elves, or humans with elven blood. Even the full-elves likely have a little human blood. Nimbrese tend to be fatalistic. Drownings at sea and deaths from forest beasts or treefalls happen to many despite precautions taken, and winter chills and ailments claim some folk every year . . . so why worry? The Lords protect us against marauders, and all else is simply the way of things.

Places of Interest: High Lord Talmorin’s Manor, The Empty Inn, The Mark, Sherlyn’s Shells

Exotica For Sale: Magic items are not sold openly, but if approached, are sold at cost—the creation of such objects is its own reward. Pegasi and glass armor are not sold.

Religion: Formerly worshippers of Leira, most Nimbrese honor the elven pantheon now.

male: Symblin, Tiaris, Ruitharer, Andrin, Dholin, Pharyn, Taen, Jeruil, Droniemal, Selar, Ninater, Saethorn
female: Etha, Sae, Eliisel, Ghiralea, Vemmaith, Athrynn, Kalisyn, Lylitia, Sanis, Veira,


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