Kira Tenryu's Soulscape

This fog-shrouded demiplane in largely featureless, excepting a scrying pool and a version of the Last Coconut.

It is peopled with various aspects of Kira’s character traits, personified by caricatures of people he believes to possess these qualities. Some of the ‘people’ encountered here by our group was Yeferia (self-doubt), Captain Deva (intellect), Avner (boisterousness), Axtli (loyalty), Axtli’s Tico (friendship), Laviathan (wrath), Lavinia (tenderness), A shapeshifter, sometimes Mikl (memory) and his genetic fiendich heritage, represented by a twisted image (erinyes) of his human mother.

Soulscape inhabitants mentioned but not met: Kira’s pride(Grazzt, also represents his father), Kira’s carefreeness (naked Yeferia), Kira’s sycophantism (Meric), Kira’s ruthlessness (Iago).

The group entered Kira’s soul after attempts to revive him magically failed. Apparently, he wanted a new start in life without his hang-ups, with which he equated his fiendishness. Unable to convince him to give up the fight, the group reluctantly aided Kira in defeating himself. Tiefling no longer, Kira is free to invent new hangups.

Kira Tenryu's Soulscape

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