Juni's Version 2


So now we travel, and travel, and travel… I feel like asking only about a million times “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

But finally we are there after the pretty lady casts a big wind spell. We see an undamaged lantern archon. Ben starts off and the archon ignores him. I like this archon. Celeste speaks to him and tells him we need to speak to Zafriel. The archon laughs. Not taking us seriously.

I tell him we need to talk to the bossman and he makes a comment about me being a drow. Rude. Celeste kind of smooths the road for us. The archon tries to smooth back, he isn’t very good at it. We are walking and talking. But I don’t think we’re actually getting anywhere. These people are awfully stuck up.

Unfortunately we send Ben, but I will be assisting. We discuss plans and Celeste sprinkles us with truth dust. We tell our stories to Baracial. He’s a douche. But the big guy was actually listening. He comes in with a flash of bright light and sends the little jerk away. He seems to be willing to take us seriously.

He lets us know that there are flaws in our plan and that we need to focus on the bigger issue which is saving millions of lives instead of killing one. There is a lot of sense in that. Not as much fun, but more sensable.

Ben is talking again, and telling him about the fact that he is supposed to kill one of D’s generals. Then he stands on Baelon’s shoulders and waves his little legs and says it’s the snaky general.

I mention that every one has asked us for a favor or a quest to do before they will help us. So I ask him what our quest or favor will be. Celeste isn’t pleased, but I am when he says there will be no requests. I tell him that will be a first for me.

Celeste is kind of a bitch. I think I liked the other two ladies better. Maybe heaven isn’t the place for me. I would always be picking fights because I refuse to be nice to someone who is rude to me. Why should I be someone’s little bitch and say thank you may I have another. Nope, not for me. I like people who are nice to me.

But anyway. No time for describing my personal quirks. I want the really pretty guy to be part of my harem, but I think maybe he doesn’t understand what I mean. He says something about curbing my baser instincts. I wonder why he doesn’t read my mind and understand what I mean, but Ben says it’s probably because he hasn’t filled out the proper paperwork for him to be allowed. It’s the first think that he’s said that he might actually be truthful and right about.

So now we are there at the land of the Quoatles. So I can’t spell. Anyway, they are playing with a bunch of sunbirds. They are all soooooo pretty. I wonder if I can get a feather from each of them. Wow. Looking works. I found 7 q feathers and 6 sunbird feathers.

I turn and ask if it’s ok to keep them, and Allora pulls a feather out of her boobs and waves it at them. And people think that I’m a little vulgar. I didn’t think Allora had it in her. I’m kind of impressed. I didn’t even think she had boobs. I’m surprised again.

They swoop down gracefully around Allora. It’s big enough that it partially incirlces us. It starts talking to Allora. I don’t understand what it is saying, but that’s ok. I’ll just sit here and bask in the pretty.

It hisses at something. I really hope it isn’t me. All I wanted to do was touch it’s pretty tale. Kira tells me not to touch. Oh, well. I can’t help it, I just have to pet. So I do. He seems to like it now. Now I get to ride one to the nest. This is so cool. I’ll just keep petting him.

Ben starts humming. Strangely enough it seems to be fitting. Ten minutes later we approach an aerie. They land and it is very gracefull. Except Ben’s. He’s doing loop to loops and spirals and Ben is yelling Woooo Whooooo! Do that again!

Now the adults are going to talk while Ben is going to play with the rest of the kids. An elder one finally breaks through the crowd. My guy goes up the the big one and explains the situation. And now apparently Allora is supposed to be running the army. The old one speaks to Kira calling him human commander. It takes him a moment to respond.

Ben starts being irritating again. So Kira does the smartest thing I have ever seen him do. He pulls out a bouncy ball and throws it and Ben runs off to chase it and play. Good job oh fearless leader. Now with Ben out of the way, we can have a serious conversation. Kira begins explaining our offensive and our reasoning.

They agree. They are so very nice. Cihuacoatl. I like her. Him. I liked the big bird. There are only 35 in her flight. She is going to gather more allies. She will meet us with Zafkiel for a final meeting of the minds for the last bit of battle planning.

So finally it is time to leave, and the big birds are more than happy to take us back to the ship. Time to leave and go find the guardinals. I can hardly wait to see Korash again. We follow Celeste and Talsid is there.

Karesh is not there, but Talsid is willing to talk to us. I tell him what is going on. He already knew of the savage tides. And he is on the trail of the master pearl. He won’t let me pet him like Karesh did, but that is alright. I can still look at him. He’s very regal looking. He is going to let us meet with the guy who may know where to find the master pearl. I would prefer to steal it, but no one wants me to. So once again, my talents go to waste. I mean really, I am an excellent sneak theif.

His source is Estafan. We are going to have to go to a Mercain’s shop. The Mercain is Bharrai. Sure. I can remember that. We’ll need to ask if the shipment of cold iron ore is there yet. Is that anything like, “Dogs barking, can’t fly without an umbrella.”

He will reply with “No my smiths have no good iron.”

Then we say back, “They will make good iron. When will my iron be here?”

If he says never, Estefan is not there. If he says a number of days then that is actually code for how many hours he will be there. He will be in Broken Reach tomorrow. The sooner we meet him, the sooner we get the info the sooner we can get stuff done.

So, plans made we head to meet up with Estefan. We get there, ask our super secret questions, and end up waiting around for 5 hours. But finally we get into an empty room, and there is the little mouse. He tells us more info about where the master pearl is. Basically we’re going to have to go to the gaping maw.

We find out that there are five stable gates. That means that we can get in if we can get there. It would be a good way to get some armies in. He plans on going back to find out more about troup info on big D’s side.

So we get the info we need and teleport to farshore. We land at the Last Coconut. Lady Lavinia arrives out of nowhere and tackles Kira. They chat, Kira decides to go and get his shirt. I was hoping to see Marivanchi. Wait, Kira wants us to go to talk to Tico at Heimat. Maybe I can slip in to see him after all.

Then of course Ben makes himself disappear. Little jerk can teleport and didn’t tell anyone anything. Now we have to find someone to teleport us to Heimat.

So we get there and Tico is giving a motivational and religious speach to her people. Of course Baelon had to screach at the top of his lungs and inturrupt. Marivanchi tried to stop him, but my big giant dragon baffoon friend bounced him off his chest with a hearty hi, how ya doin.

I tried to get Baelon to hush, but as usual, he didn’t listen. So I did the only thing that I could. I bluffed him into looking in the other direction then tried to push him off the stairs. I half way succeeded, he only got half way down before he fluffed his wings and caught himself. Luckily that gave Tico enough time to finish her speach.

Anyway, he runs up and gives Tico a giant hug and greets her. I am able to give her the details of what we have been up to and what plans we are making. We let her know about the meeting of generals in 21 days. I can hardly wait. That means I get to see Marivanchi again. And he’ll be in the presence of a bunch of other pretties. So far there have been very few pretties that I actually like listening to.

Marivanchi offers me lunch and it is nice to talk to him. But then of course we have to go and meet the others. So much to do and so little time. But in 28 days, we should be able to have a propper dinner. A real date.

Whore, my ass. Kira doesn’t understand that after several decades in the underdark watching a lot of ugly things in very ugly locations, I just happen to like pretty things. Marivanchi and the others are pretty. I like to look at them. I actually like to talk to Marivanchi. Although I have a feeling he is playing me, I have to respect that he is probably a better liar and con artist than I am. But at least in battle he apparently can put his money where his mouth is. Or at least where his hand was.

As a parting gift, I give Manthalay one of the Qoatl feathers. He sticks it in his hat and then I have to go. Back to farshore….

Apparently Ben now owns a candy store and we are discussing killing a dragon. We need to get back to the angels so that we can kick some more demon ass.

Juni's Version 2

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