Juni's Version 1

Crap. Death is coming. I don’t like seeing this.

But unfortunately, he appears to be reasonable, so we can’t just kill him. So at his reasonable request we hop into the boat and start riding down the river Styx. I’m not entirely thrilled, but I have been following Kira this long. .. You’d think I’d have learned by now. But we keep going. Kira starts talking to him and I think he managed to insult him. Not that this isn’t unusual when Kira opens his mouth.

So he takes us through this strange deminsion shift and we’re seeing the dead and the past. Kind of interesting. I wonder if this is like following the history of this island. If so, maybe I should excavate along this little waterway. There is always treasure in old buildings and ruins. And from what I’ve heard, this island is full of both. If not, oh, well.

But hey, he did say something about the lake of dreams, the world’s biggest scrying mirror. I could look in and see the security of some of the richest places n the world. Or I could scry on Marivanchi. I could seee what he looks like taking a bath. That has to be hot.

So when do we start? Oh, wait. I think we’re supposed to be scrying on people who would like to help us fiight Demigorgon. Or just on him in general. We could watch him and try to catch him doing something embarrassng. Ahh, blackmail. These are things that he would just hate for the other demons to know about him. Like maybe he has really bad gas, and I don’t mean a breath weapon. Or maybe he masturbates to a balagora picture. Or even better, he cries like a baby when he watches a romantic play.

So now before we can get to the spying… I mean scrying, this spider lady comes out of the lake. Apparently she knows Kira. They actually talk about Cpt. Kanderas’s wife Briella. I can’t help but laugh when he tells her that Briella is alright. After seeing those two kids of hers, I can’t see how anyone would call her alright.

And now the big spider lady is coming on shore. Not really sure how I feel about this. But she is nice enough to create chairs and a table for all of us to sit at. So Kira starts telling her everything we’re doing and what we’ve been doing for the last several months. Listening to him, he really is a downer. But at least she is willing to help us.

She starts muttering and casting a spell. This is perfect. Everyone’s attention is on her. I could take a look in the lake. So I sneak away and take a look. Do I focus on money or prettys? I look and look and don’t really see all that much. I think I’m about to see something when I realize I’m about to fall in. That sucks. So I go back to the table and she’s- the spider lady- is talking and playing chess with… herself. This is going to help us? Maybe. She’s talking about people we can trust…ish, and people we simply need to kill.

She talks about a couple of generals and a pale knight. She isn’t a friend of ours, but she stands in the way of an ally. and then there is the queen of the succubi. And now there is a marilith assassin out to get us personally. Igwulth is someone we need to watch out for. Hey, there is that guy we took Levinia away from- her brother. And now she is laying out a whole bunch of demons and such that I can’t rember.

Now she is bringing us onto the board. It’s kind of weird seeing myself on the board. Hey, I’m a castle. Is she saying I’m gettng fat? That’s not very nice, and I didn’t even say anything to her. But at least I’m not a pawn like Levnia’s brother. Hah, I’m higher in power. Starts lying out a whole bunch more. Honestly it’s a little too much for me to take in all at once. I knew I should have studied more on how to play chess.

She moves the peices around and really started playing. It’s wierd,but at eventually we start putting demigorgon in a check mate. So we need to know who these people are. So, unless I’m breaking in to someplace, I’m not so much into plans. I’m more of a soldier. Point my in the right direction and I can take down an army. Well, if I can sneak up on them. Well, I can do a lot of damage.

I guess I’ll have to let Kira point me in the right direction. Although I am put out that we won’t let me go after the pretty. I could convince him. I really could, but he said I wasn’t worthy. Like there is anyone here who is.

Ok, so maybe I can go after the 5 guys. They’re supposed to be heroes and they only take the most worthy quests. Especially, the lion guy. But the little dragon guy is starting to irritate me. Next thing we know there is a horrible gust of wind. Baelon almost gets struch by lightening. I have to catch poor Mikl to keep her from flying off.

So we get safe, but Ben starts spouting off again and isn’t funny. Then he calls me an elf. Little shit. I’ve never been so insulted in all my life. Or at least not in the last two weeks.

I tell them to go ahead and let me sleep and put the message on me so I can talk to someone. Then Kira starts talking to Mikl and I hear the word poison. I’m not so keen on trusting Kira right about now, but strangely enough, I trust Mikl. But she messages me and then pricks me. Why that little…. (snore).

And now I am runnning through a beautiful forest. Instead of lion guy, I actually come up on a doggy instead and he is also a pretty. I converse wth him. His name is karash. He’s one of the five. He will go and get the gorgeous knight to help us. But I have to run to the place to meet him and unfortunately I’m waking up.

So just as Knight Commander Sexy breaks through the trees, I wake up and I’m back in the lake of dreams. Ben gives me a hard time, but Mikl is watching over me. I at least know where we need to go, and I have a scroll that will help us get there.

We have to sale down the Oceanis to get to the place so that we can then teleport to the location. I really want to make this meeting. This guy is even better looking than Marivanchi. He looks a little younger and even more heroic. I wonder if he’s a keeper and would stay in my little collection of pretties. Would Marivanchi?

And now Kira is finding out that he’s a father. Worse Baelon tells me that I might be the mother. Me and Kira? The leader of the group? The guy that keeps calling me a whore? This cannot be. Besides he’s with Levinia. He wouldn’t do that to her…would he? Wait, Ben is opening his mouth. It must be a trick and a lie. Dammit, I think he’s better at it than I am.

I’m going to have to beat the crap out of the little worm.

So we get on board and sail up the river to get to where we need to go to make our meeting. Finally we are there.

I think.

So we drop anchor and it is already twilight. I lead us and Kira assists. Ok so he does most of the work. We hear the sound of a hunting party. It’s a bunch of dogs, but not Karash.

A moment later the dogs stops barking and Knight Handsome breaks through the woods. He looks surprised and asks us what we’re doing here. Unfortunately he’s not so handsome on the inside. He’s kind of a jerk.

And soon he is being completely reproachful. I get very angry and apparently my voice carries because someone quite high ranking shows up and lets him know that he is being an ass. He rides off chastened and we discusss with this new pretty why we’re here. She is kind. I really like her. I don’t think I want Knight jerk-face to be part of my harem of pretties anymore.

She seems to know just about everyone here. Or at least Baelon and Kira. She tells us about the fact that Baelon is a real hero. Wow, who knew. Well, okay, he can be heroic, and then he opens his mouth and ruins everything.

But she talks as she leads us along. We’re going to a huge palace. For a moment my mind runs to what pretties are inside that I could steal, and then I see all the pretties that are walking around, and I don’t need gold and silver anymore.

We are now speaking to two Godesss. They are absolutely blindingly beautiful. We explain why we are there. The more quiet of the two seems to tense every time we mention the big D’s name.

Apparently in our speach, we are convincing and she says she’ll help, but like everyone else she wants us to do something for her.

Gwenharwith is our guide to a crystal fountain. It’s really pretty, but I’m not sure why we’re here. She produces goblets which I momentarily think about pocketing, but decide not to. Then she dips them in the fountain. We all drink and amazingly enough we all get prettier.

Can I be part of my own harem?

And now we are talking about Baelon’s past. It is actually very interesting. But kind of weird. Apparently the big guy has a lot of personalities.

But anyway, we decide it would be best to get all of the talking out of the way before we go into battle. So up the mountan we must go. Strangely enough we need to take the ship up the mountain. So we are walking back to the boat and find that everyone is on shoreleave.

Islena the crazy orcish chef, is fishing, Cpt Deva is repairing the sails and the crew is doing who knows what. And now we have to get everything back together, we set up and sail towards the mountains.

Juni's Version 1

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