Farshore under attack

Attack on Farshore

Slipknot Peet and his ragtag bunch of pirates attacked the colony of Farshore.

The party, returning from their volcano ride, finds Farshore under attack. They are in Mora, across the bay, so Axtli conjures up winged mounts for the group. He and his Tico travel by the slower boat method.


The group rescues a trapped citizen, stops Helvrik Aldwattle from bleeding out, saves the church, prevents Ruby the Weaver from being raped, kills the boss, Slipknot Peet and preserves most of the records in Farshore’s Hall of Records. They also set a record for number of times a gnome is thrown in battle and Yeferia grows temporarily by two stories. Axtli arrives to help mop up too late.

Interrogation of a surviving pirate and examination of the logs of the Rat’s Ender informs the group that the Crimson Fleet has its eyes on Farshore and will be paying a call in two month’s time.

Session Notes

Mirri begins wondering why there are pirates on the isle of dread and comes to the fairly obvious conclusion that they are probably scouting for an attack on a nearby port town. The Isle being short on ports(only Farshore, Mora, Kirikuke, Dawa and Usi)—Mirri leaps to the conclusion that Farshore is in the greatest danger. This is supported by Tico’s apparent lack of experience with pirates (after some discussion, Tico concludes that pirates must be some form of water-borne humanoid demons, because no people would do such things). The party makes haste toward the Wall.

They meet up with the Seer, still flaming, and Axtli a day later. Kira and Axtli resume their bonding (manly insults, mostly) and all continue on. Until they near the Wall and Tico realizes that Yeferia and Frizzon have misplaced their cloaks! (yeferia left hers in Farshore and Gods only know what happened to Frizzon’s). The fields of Amaranth (the magical plants the cloaks are woven from) are nearby, so Tico and Theo backtrack to make two more cloaks. The rest press onward, expecting the others to catch up in Tanaroa.

The Mazticans of Tanaroa are dismayed at the news and determine to send war parties to each of their villages to set up defenses. Axtli joins the party headed for Mora (that’s where his Tico is) and the rest of the party heads to Mora to seek passage to Farshore. Unfortunately, when the party arrives in Mora, it is clear that Farshore in already under attack—or has spontaneously combusted. Kira yells something in Infernal and takes wing, headed for his beloved. Axtli calls upon the Ukusuma (animal spirits) for help and three hippogriffs appear. Axtli, thinking of Lavinia and the way she fed him, asked his war party to assist Farshore, but they were unwilling until more reinforcements arrived. So the party left by hippogriff, except for Axtli and his Tico, who went by boat (slower method of travel, naturally).

Due to smoke, the party was forced to detour around Temute and enter Farshore through its harbor, flying low. They docked the hippogriffs on the northernmost docks and took note of their surroundings.

The smoky air was filled with the sounds of battle; dirty, ragged pirates ran to and fro causing havoc. Five events lept to everyone’s attention. A nearby building was afire, with a screaming woman inside; Professor Aldwattle lay unconscious, injured but alive for now; Ruby the weaver was being chased around a warehouse by a hulking half-orc; a group of civilians in the church were being menaced by pirates breaking windows and trying to bash the door down; a competent pirate apparently wearing fringe fights off a large group of colonists, plus Lefty Borstien, dwarven grave-digger and Tassue, former bosun of the Sea Wyvern; The Farshore Hall of Records is aflame: Tavey and others rescue documents and scrolls while Jerald Emrikad organizes a bucket brigade, though they are too afraid of the fringe pirate to use the nearby well.

Yeferia and Frizzon hurry to the burning building to help the trapped woman. The windows are aflame and the doorway blocked by the partially collapsed roof beams. So Frizzon has Yeferia throw him through the window, taking minimal damage from the flames. He tells the woman to stand back, intending to break an escape hole between the beams blocking the door with his blasting pack. Instead, she grabs hold, fearful of being left behind. She was right, too, for they no sooner exit, crashing into Yeferia, than the structure collapses into a mere bonfire.

Tavey enters and exits the burning building several times carrying scrolls and books. The bucket brigade falters—the heat is catching the buckets on fire. Jerald attempts several times to prevent Tavey from entering the building again.

Meanwhile, Mirri has gone to see Professor Aldwattle. He is still alive, so she revives him and he scurries off to find a safe place to hide. Mirri then turns her scary attention to the half-orc. A small sphere, rapidly spinning, forms in her palm. She hurls the object, which strikes her foe with such force that he spins off his feet, crashing into the warehouse still spinning. Ruby turns a grateful look to her elven rescuer before disappearing back into the smoke.

Axtli, still at sea, summons several small water elementals, who turn to clouds and try to rain on the fires, going from building to building.

Frizzon and Yeferia untangle themselves from the rescued woman and head towards the church, as the church door sounds weakened by the ram. Mirri gets there first—she magic missile’s one of the pirates, who comes after her. She summons a celestial ape between them—the pirate gets splatted. Frizzon pants up and arrives at the church as its doors fail. Two pirates enter the church and one of the civilians dies before his eyes. The second pirates flees Frizzon and his ape-friend, but the first is still in the rear of the church, slaughtering innocents. Many obstacles separate the two groups, so Frizzon asks the ape to throw him at the pirate. Frizzon is held aloft; the next thing he knows, he is lying in a sticky mess next to a pew. There are no more pirates in the church, so Frizzon and his ape exit.

Mirri summons a small water elemental to assist Tavey and vanishes for the moment. The elemental begins a systematic walk through the burning building—Tavey reorganizes the brigade to follow the elemental, rewetting him and putting out flare-ups in his wake.

Meanwhile, Yeferia has gone after the fringe pirate, whose adornment seems to be a large number of nooses made from string, several of which hold gruesome trophys (dried fingers, ears, etc). He also wears a rope noose as a necklace. He has been whittling the crowd of colonists, only 5 plus Tassue and Frizzon’s friend, Lefty Borstein are left as Yeferia lopes up. She challenges Slipknot Peet to single combat, who laughs derisively and breaks into a whirlwind, cutting down all of the colonists except Tassue and Borstein.

In a fury, Yeferia brings out a small orb from her pack—her sylvan wishing orb has reactivated! She crashes it to the ground and begins growng. In a wink, she is as large as an ogre, her naginata a small mast ending in 3 feet of steel. Mirri sends another of her spinning spheres, this time at Peet. Peet takes the blow, then begins calling out in a language no one recognizes—a large group of pirates comes running at this beckon. One of them bull-rushes Tassue into the well as Peet cuts Borstein down and downs a healing potion, still ignoring Yeferia. Peet then goes after Mirri, still ignoring the raging paladin.

On the docks, Axtli has landed. He can see some kind of purple giant in the square, so he sends Tico to the pirate ship with orders to prevent anyone from boarding. He hotfoots it to the square.

At this point, Frizzon and ape emerge from the church. The ape throws Frizzon at Peet, who staggers back a little. Yeferia takes advantage of the distraction to vent her ire on the pirate, getting gore on Mirri in the process. The remaining pirates ‘retreat’.

Yeferia attempts to examine Borstein, but fails to notice that he is still alive. Axtli (just arrived) notices and saves his life(bringing him back from the dead as far as the paladin can tell). Yeferia and Axtli begin rounding up dead and wounded as the others assist to put out the fire in the Hall of Records. Lavinia, Kira, the Jade Ravens and a dozen milita show up; Lavinia organizes a field hospital at the far end of the square, near the overfull infirmary. Telda Syren the herbalist is put in charge. Lavinia organizes patrols to scour the streets of any remaining scum and Farshore spends several hours licking wounds. Mayor Lavinia has ordered a meeting of the council, plus the Ravens and the PCs at the Meravanchi Manor at sundown.

Axtli heads immediately to the pirate ship to check on Tico, who has gotten into a minor scrap with Kanderous and Briella. Axtli has Tico stand down, so the half-orc and tiefling search the ship, ostensibly looking for a captain’s log or any maps that may give Farshore more info on this attack: where the pirates came from, are there more out there? They find some documents, which they share with the council at the meeting.


Casualties/damage report: 23 colonists killed, 3 times that number injured. 2 warehouses and 1 house burned beyond repair; 60% of all buildings outside the noble district have some fire damage to repair. Manthalay Meravanchi asks anyone to report news of his nephew, who hasn’t been seen since the night of the election.

Briella and Kanderous inform the assembled that the pirates were apparently a vanguard of the Crimson Fleet! Their orders were to watch Farshore and make note of its defenses so that the fleet that will be in the area ‘on other business’ would be able to easily overcome the colony. Peet decided to betray his masters; hence this attack, which will surely pale before the fury of the Crimson Fleet’s assault.

The Good News: The colony has the wreck-of-a-ship the pirate were using—and a battered prisoner, taken by the Jade Ravens. Obviously the prisoner must be debriefed. Lavinia offers to, but says she has little experience in interrogation. Kanderous, Kira and Yeferia offer to tag-team the unlucky pirate. Lavinia calls for an hour break, asks the council members to consider what—in each of their areas of expertise—can be done to prepare for the Fleet and report to her.

Lefty the Pirate: Lefty, battered and sullen, is reluctant to talk, until Kanderous threatens him, and Kira and Yeferia promise to recommend clemency. Lefty claims that he is a reluctant pirate, marooned on the Isle and captured by Peet and his compatriots. No one believes him, but no one contradicts him. He tells the group that the pirates had a base on what the Olmans call Emerald Isle. The base is deserted—Peet loaded everyone onto their ship, the Rat’s Ender, to attack Farshore. Communication with the Fleet was done with a “glass ball and magic” is all Lefty knows. Peet told the group that they’d have 6 weeks( 60 days) to skip the area before the Fleet knew they’d been betrayed.

After Lefty talks, Kanderous pretends to go into a rage, breaking a chair and lunging at the pirate, held back, of course, by his companions.

Farshore under attack

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