Celestia, home of good-aligned outsiders, Gods and mortal afterlives has many layers, yet few hard borders. Transversing the plane is The River Oceanus.

Arcadia-the land of perfect law embodies perfection and harmony with orchards of perfectly lined trees, straight streams and orderly fields.

Seven Mounting Heavens-The Mounting Heavens of Celestia is a single sacred mountain rising an enormous lake formed by the River Oceanus at this point. Its inhabitants, mostly archons and angels, strive toward the embodiment of the perfect good, ascending from the base of the mountain upwards as they better themselves. Their goal is the Illuminated Heaven, the Seat of Zaphkiel, Head of the Hebdomaad,, last of seven martyrs.

Bytopia is also called the twin paradises, as its two layers face each other like two palms together in prayer. One is a pastoral landscape, the other untamed wilderness.

Elysium is the plane of ultimate good, untainted by law or chaos. Its brilliant beauty and vibrant sense of life entice many to remain forever.

Beastlands is a plane of nature unbounded, filled with wild forests, teeming swamps and arid deserts.

Arborea is a lush and verdant plane of vibrant energy and constant anticipation. Its weather is as unpredictable as its inhabitants, which include fey, lillends and eladrins.

Ysgard lies between Arborea and the unceasing chaos of Limbo, an epic plane where fallen warriors wage eternal battles.


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