Baelon's Bodacious Blog! Part 15!

I think I’m going to Scuttleport to see a prostitute about some prostitution! I’m going to see Tyralande while Ben and Elora go buy stuff. It’s such a shame that our visit is short (especially mine!).

But in short order, we find ourselves off the Sea Wyvern and onto the northern tip of the Isle of Dread, hunting a green dragon, but I forgot why. Is it because we need his treasure, or on account of just because?

That last one, probably.

We come to the ledge with the cave in it, but there’s no way in. Ben takes the time to wriggle in, and then comes back out again and says, “I think they bought it.” Combat ensues. We really are ruggedly handsome psycho killers, that’s for sure.

Moving on, we find ourselves in a dark room, and suddenly these little ankle biters begin to chew on my boots. While I’m climbing the silly ladder, I swat one of them into the water, the other still chasing me. I have to keep my hands in front of me as I try to navigate around the stalactite in front of me. As I come around the corner, I see the thing that breathed acid on me.


She’s a beauty, too: green and scaly, I remember dating a girl like this once. I approach with my best foot forward, flirty and handsome all at once (I think). I’m gonna try to convince her to forget the other schmoes and come away with me. Barring that, we’ll probably have to chop it into tiny pieces. With the smile on her beautiful, scaly face, I know immediately that we will never be able to be together.

The battle is rather…anticlimactic. I whiff throwing my sword at her, but my allies are far more deadly. Kira, Casidhe, and Elora fling spell and sword at it, but Ben is the one who puts the giant beam of energy right through her head. In no time, the dragon falls face-first into the water, and Ben uses his water elemental to haul the carcass onto dry land, and Elora discovers the massive treasure hoard.

Oh yes. The treasure.

While the girls are away getting scrolls of water controlling stuff, I take off all my clothes and roll around in the treasure pile. Otherwise, we dredge it all up in record time. Juni would be quite pleased if she was here. Which she’s not- she’s missing a huge payday!

Speaking of which, we decide to donate the dragon’s dead body to the Archangels for equipment. Being a half red dragon, I regret not getting the money out of it, but we’ve already got a hell of a payday ahead of us, anyway. I’m not really sure what I’ll do with my share, but it’ll be good! We might just take it easy for a while, though, spending our time just selling off all the crap we got from the dragon.

Baelon's Bodacious Blog! Part 15!

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