Baelon's Bodacious Blog Part 12!

Baelon’s Bodacious Blog Part 12!

Ugh, sea journeys make me ill. All that rocking back and forth and back and hurk!

Kira asks our erstwhile companion, Celeste, if we can cast Haste on the ship, and she breaks off her wings, casting Gale of Wind upon it. The landscape flies by us, and hours pass without the mountain we’re going to. It takes us well into the night, but we do make it there. It is really tall; we can’t actually see the top of it at all from the base. We set off to the gate, hoping to get into this “Heaven”.

As Ben introduces himself, the gatekeeper completely ignores him and says hello to Celeste. The guy totally is disrespecting us, but what the heck, it doesn’t really bother me. We do make it in to the main chamber, but the guy is kind of a poop sack. Celeste does make it clear that she’s trying to help us, and minus Juni, we do sort of appreciate it. Ben is really the only one who can make our case sound good, hopefully he can get the point across. We have a little pow-wow session just to make sure Ben has our story straight.

As Ben tells the angel what we’re going to do, the creature is still very doubting, but Zaphkiel himself shows up to listen to our tale, and decides to point out the major flaw in our plan. How could we, as mortals, destroy Demogorgon, who has eluded even the highest ranked angels? I have a flash of insight, though! We were intent on trying to kill Big D, when he is in no way connected to it all. However, all these Shadow Pearls would more than likely be connected to a Master Pearl. Sure, killing Demogorgon would negate him being able to activate it, but it should pose less of a problem to steal or destroy it first, and as it turns out, Zaphkiel also believes this. He thinks we need a better plan, and he’s right. He puts some of his resources at our disposal. Good enough for me!

Afterwards, we fly back to the dock. There are a lot of beautiful Coatls here, and one of them comes down at Elora’s request, and they talk. I think Juni takes a few feathers from the ground, and starts petting the thing. Believe it or not, I think it helps us in general. This one calls more down, and they give us to ride. It takes a long time for Ben’s mount to come down, though- it’s doing loops and spirals in the air. It’s quite gorgeous, but it’s drawing a crowd.

Huiztilopochtli approaches the elder and explains the situation- or I guess he does; I don’t really speak Celestial. Ben puts his two cents in, but Kira pulls out a bouncy ball and throws it, distracting my best friend (for years!). Both he and one of the Coatls begin playing with it, bouncing it off the walls and playing keep away from each other. Meanwhile, Kira tells his plan to the elder Coatl, the bouncy ball flying past Kira’s head. “Dammit!” Ben says, and scampers past. Cihuacoatl and Kira agree to terms, though, and that’s something, and gives something to our leader, which looks like a stone of some sort. But, being on a timecrunch, we have to be getting back. We ask for a ride back to the ship.

We meet up with Talcid, and I think Juni threatens to pet him or something. He declines. But, we get a lot of info on how to progress next, involving meeting a Mercane named Estefan. The code that we’re given to find him is incredibly complex, but I remember that it involves iron. Ugh, I’m not really good at this cloak and dagger stuff. We still need a plan, though.

One of them gives Kira a silver rod, and off we go again, to Pazunia! I’m not terribly happy to go back, but- big sigh- it is a necessity. A bright flash of light and—-whoosh! We’re back. Well, I guess we’re back. I don’t recognize where we are, and from the looks of things, no one else does, either! But, Casidhe does us a favor and teleports us the rest of the way there. We show up around twenty feet from the wall, and Juni bribes the guards with some gaudy gems. We find our Mercane, and Juni goes through the whole thing with the passwords, and when we leave, Ben keeps us busy looking for nothing just so the guards are lost trying to figure out what we’re doing. When we come back, the mouse guy will see us, and even better- he knows where to find the Master Pearl. He knows that the pearls were given to Demogorgon by Dagon and just ran with it. They meet at this shrine named Wat Dagon. They talk a lot about planning the assault, which I don’t really understand, but what the hell; it’s a party, right?

But thankfully, we make our way back to the Last Coconut in Farshore. Kira gives me a mission: To visit Tico with Ben and Juni and tell her about all developments. With that, I set off with them.

When we arrive , I bound up the long set of stairs as Tico leads…something. As I get closer, Meravanchi says something to me, but I’m a little anxious, and I bounce him off my chest. After her whatever, Tico storms down the steps, eager for a hug from the Big Guy! I oblige her, embracing her and swinging her around in circles because I really did miss her! I tell her that Shokti is very much dead. She seems a little disappointed. Having done my job, I let Juni tell her some additional facts. Tico tells us about some of her plans, too. I’m fairly confident that we’ll be able to make this future assault work! Afterwards, Tico threatens to cut off my lips if I ever interrupt another of her religious ceremonies. It’s the nicest thing she’s ever said to me! Emboldened, I walk back down the steps, high-fiving ever other guard who actually understand the gesture.

Time to move on!

Baelon's Bodacious Blog Part 12!

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