Baelon's Bodacious Blog! Part 10!

So, there we are, standing there with Elora stuffed into the Magnificent Mansion, ready to press on. There’s a decrepit marble tower in red, and Elora decides to unstuff herself from the Mansion- leaving Mikl (pronounced Mee-kul) in charge of running the mansion while we’re away. I don’t like this.

I knock on the wall to see if it’s solid. Turns out, it is. So, I can’t break it down. Durn.

The small dragon, Ben, is on my shoulder, and he points out a direction and we go. This place looks like crap, though, perhaps the victim of some kind of encounter. Juni decides to check the doorway and walls for traps, which isn’t a bad idea, really. We see some kind of hallway and we see a pile of…stuff. I’m not sure what it is. Elora seems to be trying to figure out some sort of magical aura, or at least she’s staring hard at the room. Sure, she could just be crazy, but I’ve learned that in the end, that’s only a half truth.

“I’ll go,” says Ben. Sighing, I go forward, and I feel some weird malevolent presence, but nothing else. So much for whatever that was. You know, I figured that these demons would be more careful about there alarm spells, but heck, I can hear it quite easily. Ben thinks that they want us to know they know we’re here. I think it’s just carelessness. We are pretty awesome, after all. They should have prepared for us better!

Jarring me out of my very true reverie about how awesome we are, something hits me in the chest with the Finger of Death spell, almost killing me.

Oh, those bastards.

They’ve got my attention now. I see nothing to smash, but I do see an empty throne. I’ll have to wait until those cowards show themselves (or I can just start setting things on fire). Elora screams in surprise as she walks through the door, and I see what hits me. It looks like a shadow with horns and long, spindly arms.

“Don’t let ’em touch your magic items!” Ben exclaims. I draw my sword in response.

“Oh, they’ll get to touch one of my magical items…intimately.”

But for all my bravado, these guys are pretty high up, I’m gonna have to get myself up there before I can carve these demonic scumbags into ribbons. Another brings up his hands, blowing a bone chilling cold spray all over us. Ben shouts a warning cry at me, which saves my scaly hide some grief. Ben begins telling a joke, which naturally sets them on fire.

I draw my blade, sprout wings, and prepare to fly up and kick some shadowy ass!

“You mind getting closer to the action?” I ask Ben.

“Not at all,” he says. I do like this little dragon guy. One day, he’ll be a massive engine of fiery destruction!

Kira does something-I don’t see what- but the results seemed a bit…painful to the creature. A bolt of some kind. Elora makes some gestures, and a Bolt of Glory comes shooting out of her hands. One of the guys falls to the ground, dissolving along the way, and a blanket of darkness encompasses us. I can’t see squat, but that won’t stop me from trying. I take flight, hoping to get away from the darkness. Instead, I crash into something cold that bites me. As a Master Plan, this could have gone better, but as it stands, I stab into the shadowy monster and feel the blade enter its body just a bit. Ah, vindication! I can’t see much and I can hear less, but I do hear faint sounds of battle around me, but I can’t tell what anyone else is doing.

I can, however, see Ben the very small copper dragon, who touches me on the neck, and all my wounds spontaneously heal. I give a nod of thanks, and then funnel some arcane energy into my scimitar, and I strike hard. The thing is largely made of shadow, but I manage to catch on something solid within it, visiting a solid ass-whupping upon it. With no warning, the darkness dissipates, and I can see my prey, and it looks pretty bad off. Not surprising really. I see Elora point at one, and it dissolves instantly. The other tries to run away. At this point, you’d think they know better. Kira and I hack the other one into shadowy pieces, and it’s over. I see Juni sitting on a throne of bone.

“Ahazu, we’ve come to negotiate,” Juni says, her words lost on the demon.

In the aftermath of the battle, Ben begins to spout off random facts about the place, and Juni begins walking around the place, opening some hidden door. Inside is the interior of the place with really nice tiles that don’t stay down when you push them.

Damn. A puzzle.

“We’re here to see Ahazu,” Ben says out of the blue. Moments later, the mozaic on the floor crackles with energy. I don’t think they particularly care. Juni begins to push random buttons, and the entire mozaic folds in on itself, revealing a giant hole in the ground. We see a lot of claw marks going into the floor. There’s a bunch of ugly pictures on the walls. I take the stairs, after Juni. At the end, we see a strange pool with eyes that open eerily. Ben dismounts me (no jokes here, I promise!), and both he and Elora touch the pool. After a moment, Elora screams “Pull me back! Pull me back!” as tentacles reach out and snatch her. We pull her up before she goes head-first into the pool. I’m not sure what he’s saying ( I think he’s thinking to Ahazu or something else). Bored, I wait.

Ahazu wants a deal, though: We’ve got to give him his tooth, so he’ll release that lady we’re after (Shammy, whom we came here for). He also wants a minor demon lord to replace her- and if not, we’re to take it’s place! Ahazu gives us the key to free her, but we have to get her.

From the Keep, we return to the Mansion, needing the tooth from Mikl. After we ask, she shows up on the chandelier, and flings a tooth at us. In no time, we’re back in the pit, and the deal is made. A fog wiggles itself into Ben’s hands, and turns into a giant book. We hear Ahazu talking about some kind of spell in this Book of Infinite Spells. We can use the last page in the book (A Freedom spell, or some such), and we can use that to free her.

With that, we teleport to Shammy’s little well in the ground, complete with Retriever golem at the bottom. This could get really ugly. To prepare, I Enlarge myself. Cass makes us all fly, and Ben hits it with a sonic spell. I use my Whirling Blade technique, and hit absolutely nothing with it as it flies off into the Beyond. Fortunately, it comes back to me. Cass flings a ray at it, and the thing fires off a ray at Ben, who is still on my shoulder. Turns out, this thing is incredibly accurate! Ben sizzles a little bit from some electricity damage. The little dragon retaliates by shouting at the creature again, putting some hurt on the thing. Elora lets fly another Orb of Force, which flies towards Juni with incredible accuracy. She dodges fairly easily, though, and glares at Elora as she fires her bow at the Retriever. A well placed shot on its neck pops the thing’s head off, killing it.

“Really?!” I yell, knowing that, instantly, all my buffs are wasted.

Oh well. At least it’s dead.

We make our way down the well. We see her there, and we let the singed Ben deal with her. He opens the book and casts the spell, and there’s a tense moment. She comes out of the pool, and oh man, she’s pretty. I hardly see the snake that pops out from her neck, and yells at us that we’ll never take her alive.

We’ll see about that.

Ben does something, with no result. I step in, attempting to slice the snake off her, but at the last second, it dodges. Cass flings ten missiles at the snake, and it fries. Shammy rips what’s off and beats it to death. After, Juni helps her up and gives her a fresh dress. She strips right then and there, and is very slinky about putting the dress on. I think I need to have another visit to my buddy in Scuttlecove…

There’s a loud boom, and a bunch of water comes out of nowhere! It splashes on me and—

I’m in a pool of something, and everyone is touching me! What the hell? I don’t…everything’s kind of fuzzy, and all I can seriously remember is going to sleep that day. Some sexy lady is there, and she tries to leave. Someone tells me she’s Shammy, but I’m not sure. Ben tells me that I made out with a demon lord to free her, which is okay I guess. It was for a good cause, right?

She begins to tell us all about Demogorgon, about how he’s his own worst enemy. He has two reactions to everything, and that we may paralyze him with indecision. Meanwhile, Kira assures me that I never made out with a demon lord, but Ben tells me that I did. I’m pretty sure that Kira would never steer me wrong, but Ben says that the water erased more of my memory, and that I’ve known him my entire life! I feel that he’s not lying to me.

I can’t believe that I doubted my best buddy!

Meanwhile, Shammy decides to leave as more of that water pools in the Mansion. Thankfully, Cass Planeshifts us. Juni washes herself off in water, but gets out when it decides to turn black. There is some fog coming towards us, and something that looks like Death warmed over greets us on its canoe.

“Charon,” someone whispers.

I think we’re in a lot of planar dump here.

Baelon's Bodacious Blog! Part 10!

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