Baelon's Bodacious Blog 16!

Baelon’s Bodacious Blog! Part 16!

I find myself going through a little bit of denial; I found that the dragon was far too easy to get through, and I just don’t know if it was supposed to be that easy, or if it was supposed to be a trap. I guess I’ll never know.

We find ourselves in Tico’s office for a debriefing, and we meet back with Juni, who was off doing Gods-Knows-What. I’m not sure why, but Juni proves herself mischievous by chucking Ben out of a window. She says something to Tico about her and Meravanchi still being in danger. Tico assures us that she’s going to be okay.

When making our plans, we decide to assault the plane where Demogorgon is staging his armies. We also figure that we may be able to trap some of the demons in some stones, and Tico suggests an artifact, the Cartographica Maleficus, which does seem to be a good idea. Amidst much hijinx, we teleport our way to Skuttlecove. I spend a little time with my “special friend”, and then go about my business. Afterwards, we make a few plans, and we rest up for a big day!

We’re ready for the Abyss!

We’re not there five seconds before some schmo shows up with a message from Demogorgon, which is apparently to frost my nipples. Big whoop.

I Enlarge myself, presenting a much larger target than my squishier compadres, and it works- the mummies on tyranosaurussseses….tyranosauri….big friggin’ dinosaurs close in, clipping me pretty good. Beside me, Juni falls over, and the guy I just smashed in the face double teams me with the other guy. They’re taking me out by chunks, but I’m not through yet!

I see my comrades fall under the gaze attacks of the giant lizards, but I can’t really focus on that while I’m knee deep in dead skeleton bits. They take more chunks out of me, but I’m not relenting!

I’m not sure what’s going on, but there’s a strange buzz in the air, and I see my fallen comrades jump back up and into the fight. Not sure what to make of it, but I’ll take it.

We’re stuck in the Abyss. We all almost just died, so it’s time for a little breather. Instead, I get swindled into going to Sasserine with Ben, looking for Witchwardens. I go to a gemcutter to get a big ass ruby to carve later. We direct the proprietor to flee to the Ethereal Plane in case Demogorgon’s Pearl goes off and we fail. Off we go with us, toward the Witchwardens. We talk to a halfling woman who looks into our minds and suddenly looks very weary. I wonder if she looked in my brain when I was imagining her naked? For some reason, she doesn’t seem to trust Ben and me with a return message, and teleports Kira, our fearless leader, to receive her return message. Afterwards, she rebuffs my romantic advances. We find ourselves back in Farshore, where Kira breaks up a perfectly good bar fight. Then he drags us off to see Lavinia for some reason, where we confess to have found a plot to kill her, and Juni steals all of Lord Talmoran’s shiny crap. We are such miscreants. Ben and Juni argue about the copy of the paper that Juni has, all because of the Legend Lore spell. Turns out, Ben will have to go back and cast the spell on the thing firsthand. Meanwhile, I go hit on some peasant girls for fun, but get nowhere. After we wake up and go through our morning routines, it’s off to Pazunia to get our information, and we formulate a plan that involves meeting some of the bad guy’s generals, and turn them on themselves and killing some of the others. It sounds like a good idea, but I ain’t a tactician. Our work done, we return home.

When we return, Ben takes me aside and tells me his plan to protect Lavinia, and it’s a good one. I totally endorse his plan! The next day, we’re stuck in a big meeting with a bunch of important people, and a lot of the proceedings are way beyond me. We have to set a date for the invasion of Daegon; eight days from now seems like enough. Like Juni, though, I’m feeling a bit…impatient to start the festivities. But hey, that’s just eight days longer that I get to live, right?

Baelon's Bodacious Blog 16!

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