Baelon's Bodacious Blog 11!

Baelon’s Bodacious Blog! Part 11!

So there were are…with some bony guy in a boat coming up towards us.

“She has the water!” Ben yells out in Common. He’s pointing at Juni, who has a bottle of water from the river Styx. He’s my best buddy in the whole wide world; we go way back.

“What have you done to my river!?” says the bony guy when he’s close enough to address us.

He wants an apology for destroying his river (in part), so we do. It seems that he hates Demogorgon as much as we do. We all get on the ship, but Mikl is exceptionally eager to get on it, and it makes me a bit suspicious.

We go down the river, and the landscape shifts. Charon tells us that we’re all enemies of Demogorgon, and that we need to gather more of the demon lord’s enemies. Iggwilv the witch is one of them. We may need her help to take on the Demon Lord, but Kira says that he has to trust his companions, rather than simply gaining more power. I suppose that I agree with him- better the devils you know, right? Charon also tells us of Lake of Dreams, which I know really nothing about. This whole planar traveling thing is awfully new to me, but not uncomfortable. I could get used to it, but it seems like there are a lot of untrustworthy sorts out there. It makes me wonder if we can even trust this guy.

The boat pulls up to the mouth of the river, and Charon pulls us up into the lake itself.

“I know companionship is important to you,” Charon says, “So I’ve brought your friends.”

We see a ship in the distance, and we see Captain Daeva- and she’s hopping mad. Charon tells us that we don’t have to be afraid of the water from the river Styx- for now. Mikl tugs on his robe in some kind of show of affection. When we land, he rows away.

“Goodbye creepy skeletal man,” Ben says, as he rows away.

As it turns out, Daeva is incredibly angry, walking up to us and cursing aloud. Kira tries to calm her down before the lake reacts badly to it all. We do our best to remain calm. While everyone is wandering a little bit, Kira tells me that even having sex here could be deadly (due to the emotions it illicicts). He says that if I see any hot women coming towards me, that they would probably be hallucinations. I tell my best buddy in the whole wide world, Ben, that I wouldn’t worry about it. I plan to spend all my money buying a love golem.

“Of course,” he says, “That’s why you became an adventurer in the first place.”

I nod. It all makes sense now!

Anyway, we see something coming out of the lake, that kind of looks like a spidery, shapeshifting thing. It seems that it knows Kira, though, and greets him warmly. They exchange pleasantries, which bores the hell out of me. When asked about some kind of tiefling, Juni starts laughing loudly. The watery thing walks out of the water, and wants us to tell her our story, conjuring a table and chairs for us to sit on.

Fair enough. Kira begins telling her about how we’re going to kick the crap out of Demogorgon, and that we’re on a bit of a time crunch. She begins casting a divination spell, that kind of feels like Legend Lore, only it feels a little…dangerous, somehow. A chessboard appears on the table. She’s using it to describe Demogorgon. She tells us that an aspect named General Borgromar is incredibly disloyal, but that another, Gorgant, will have to be killed. The Pale Knight is not really a friend, but will block our access to another friend. The Queen of the Succubi is his lover, but we might just be able to use her to our advantage. He’s recruiting another general to help kill us, some kind of Maralith. Big deal. We’ve taken on scores of those guys, or at least one or two- so I’m not worried. He mentions that Iggwilv is another piece on the board, but since we’ve rejected her, she won’t help us, but she can put a lot of hurt on us. The other pieces are merely pawns, even that Vanthas fellow.

On our side, though, we’ve got Tico the Stick Lady, and Kira has taken care of Vanthas. She tells us that we should seek out Gwynhyfar. And—oh! There are I am on the board! Ben and I are some kind of bishop. She continues on, but I’m totally happy that I’m there. We’re supposed to seek out an angel named Zaphkiel, but it’ll be hard to get to him, and apparently it took out the Maralith general. The pieces begin to shift around the board, a judging upon whom we’ve killed and also about what we gotta do. I point out that our King piece (that would be Tico) is completely exposed! The watery spider lady tells us that Tico is a willing sacrifice. I’ll be sure to ask her about that later.

A lot of what she says next is a bit lost on me, given that I’m not really knowledgeable about extraplanar travel. It seems that a lot of what she says is impossible, but we kind of specialize in that, don’t we?

Also, it’s fun to hear Kira and Juni bicker back and forth about how she’s not a whore.

Not knowing what all the extraplanar stuff is about, I just sit back and drink my drink.

All of a sudden, a gale or something nearly blows Ben off my shoulder, but he manages to (OW!) dig just under my scales. I don’t need instructions to sprint of towards the Sea Wyvern, and I have to dodge a bolt of lightning and not get fried! He and Juni argue some more, and Kira threatens Ben with Time Out in a bag of holding. I can’t have that though- he didn’t do anything wrong. Kira tries to tell me that I’ve only known Ben for only a week or so, but I think he’s just lashing out from a place of anger, which whips the gale into full force.

I kind of get the feeling that we all might die. But, in the interest of calming down, Mikl massages Juni’s neck, but first confers with Kira. After a short consultation, the suspicious weasel begins to massage again, and Juni is unconscious after a moment. Both Mikl and Ben sift through her things to see if there is anything that can help us, and find a scroll of Sending. They use it to contact, um, somebody. Since she’s not awake, I don’t really know. I think it was Talcid she was supposed to contact, but I don’t know for sure. Kira and Ben seem to be conspiring in a corner, which might be troublesome, depending on who it is they’re conspiring against.

Finally, Juni wakes up, and begins to pet Mikl. Juni figures out she was poisoned, and Kira tells her that it was an “Executive Decision,” whatever that is. Mikl and Ben argue about something- I don’t understand ferret. It was enough to know that Juni smacks my shoulder because of it. Juni says that we have to go to the Court of Stars, and that she knows the way.

Lethira (the name of that watery lady), tells Kira how pretty his daughters are, and sinks into the ocean. Juni tells him that his ladyfriend has honor, and goes off on some kind of tangent. I tell her that the mother was not mentioned- it could be her for all we know.

Needless to say, there is some ribbing at Juni’s expense.

We travel down this strange river into some sort of immaculate farmlands and into the wilderness before we get to where we’re going. We disembark the ship, and are charged upon by some black dogs. Some guy comes out and says, “You?! What are you doing here?!” This guy seems a little…indignant at our presence. He wants us to fight him, and Juni argues about something called “The Rules of Engagement,” which I don’t know about. Some brand of female stops him from being stupid, though. She chastises the guy, and he is oddly humbled. She offers to take us to her lady.

And, apparently, this Celeste knows me! She met me in a town called Cauldron, but I don’t remember her. Apparently, she and I (with another couple of heroes) saved a town called Cauldron from something I think was called the Wyrmkin. She hasn’t met Ben, either, which seems weird to me. That, and she speaks Ferret, too.

She leads us into this weird township that has the Court of Stars in it. This lady, Morewelle, wants to know what Demogorgon is up to, and we tell her about the Savage Tide. They listen pretty close to what we have to say. After a moment, she says that we’re worthy to be helped, which makes me feel like we didn’t waste our time, but she needs a favor: We need to go with Androlen and assist him in his heavy offensive. We agree, obviously, and she leads us into an area with this huge crystal fountain. She gives us a crystal goblet, and toasts to us.

However, I talk to this Celeste, and see how much see knows about me. As it turns out, I’m a different Baelon than the one she knew. Oh well. We’ll take her with us to the mountain anyway. We lead her back to Captain Daeva’s ship, and off we go!

Baelon's Bodacious Blog 11!

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