Assault Plans

InvasionThe armies are splitting up to form a multipronged attack. Each portal that they can hold open, each offensive that Demogorgon must respond to, distracts and weakens him. Ultimately, the invasion is a diversion, but one that must succeed. Tamru identified several points around Lemoriax(hence Wat Dagon) where the fabric of the Abyss is weak enough to allow gates to be opened. That will be High Lord Talmorin’s job, as well as maintaining a communications network between the different commanders. Here is a breakdown of who will be at each portal location:

Blood Run Portal: Gwynharwyf and the Tourbillon Gale Host are staging at Nimbral. They will be supported by the Knights of the Flying Hunt.

Oldclot Portal: Faerinaal and his Starry Night Host will form the other half of this enormous pincer movement centered on Demogorgon’s capitol, supported by the Mulhorandi Infantry. The armies are staging in Mulhorand.

Beach Portal: the only portal taken from within, this point will be assaulted by The United Fire under the command of Uzza. The portal will be opened once Uzza reports control of the site, and reserve troops are staging in Heimat.

Lemoriax Portal: Zaphkiel has chosen the high profile and heavily-guarded portal just outside Lemoriax, joined in this assault by the Archangels. Frizzon’s Balloon Command will provide further distraction and collateral damage.

Jungle Portal: Two groups of elite sappers have chosen to use this point to attempt a surprise flanking maneuver on the demonic host guarding the Lemoriax Portal Site, the Ghaele from Silverymoon and Talsid and the Four.

Couatl flights have been tasked as messengers, traveling healers. A few flights will be at each portal.

Charon’s navy and Kanderous’ Pirates will run interference with the ixitxachitl colonies just off the coast.

Meanwhile, the PCs have told their allies that they will be watching the battle, and will enter the Abyss via one of the portals, whichever looks to be least defended. In truth, however, they play to hijack a couatl, hide it and themselves on the Sea Wyvern as part of the Pirate fleet, and leave invisibly before the fleet deposits The United Fire on the beach.


Due to some information retrieved from the Blood Shallows, the party has changed their plans. Demogorgon’s Intertiction Zone must come down before they can enter Wat Dagon, as it is technically on another layer. The party will now storm the Beach with the United Fire and travel with the main contingent to the southern side of the Interdiction Zone. Once the Zone is dispelled, either through the destruction of the crystal that serves as its focus, or through the disruption of Demogorgon’s concentration, that party will head straight to Wat Dagon.

Assault Plans

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