Archangels Affiliation

Background, Goals, and Dreams:
Motto: In war: victory. In peace: vigilance. In death: sacrifice.
Enemies and Allies: enemies: all demons and those who traffic with them. Allies: Farshore, Olmans.
Members: Accept any and all comers. Demon worshippers and evil people aren’t welcome.
Type: Fighting Company (violence checks)
Scale: 6 (city quarter)
Executive Powers: Crusade, Craft, Harvest

Affilitation Score Criteria:

Criterion AffiliationScore Modifier
Character Level +1/2 PCs level
BAB +5 or higher +1
K(planes) 5 ranks +1
Survival 5 ranks +1
Endurance feat +1
Diehard feat +2
Favored Enemy (evil outsiders) +1
Ability to detect evil +2
Ability to cast 3rd level spells +1
Ranks in Totemic Demon Slayer +1/2 level
Survived at least 1 year on Isle of Dread +1
Has a relative in organization +1/10 relative’s affiliation score
Training affiliation members +1/2 per month, max 4/year
Has been a member for at least 5 years +1
Endorsed by Warmaster +1
Successfully completes a mission +1/8 of mission’s EL
Defeats a evil outsider in combat +1/8 creature’s EL
Donates items/money/service worth 1000 gp +1, max 2/year
Responsible for the death of a war party -4
Evil Outsider -10
Associates with evil outsiders -2
Wisdom of less than 8 -1
Performs an evil act -5
Performs an evil act against organization Expulsion/death
Responsible for loss of property/life -1/1000 gp or per person
Fails to complete a mission -1/2 per mission
Insubordination -1/instance
Mutiny -10
General Negligence of Duty -1 per month

Benefits and Duties by Score

Affiliation Score Title; Benefits and Duties
0-3 Not affiliated or trainee
4-10 Archangel: Candidate must defeat a CR 1 creature provided by examiner. You must undergo a ritual of rebirth and swear fealty to the Archangels. Equal share of ½ of organization’s profit this quarter. Food and housing is provided for you and immediate relatives.
11-17 Nadejz: Successfully completes 5 missions whose EL is equal to the party’s ECL. Must go out on 2 missions/month. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on K(plane) checks when with other Archangels.
18-24 Architect: Candidate must submit a plan for a mission; the plan is play-tested. (DC 15 p(soldier) check). Candidates must submit at least one mission plan per month. You get a +2 circumstance bonus on Gather Information and K(local) checks.
25-29 Warmaster: You must defeat a demon of your CR. Once a month, you may endorse a promising member of you affiliation. That member gains +1 to her affiliation score. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus on damage rolls made against evil outsiders.
30+ Yaotl: Must catch the eye of the current Yaotl, or win popular support from the organization (DC 40 diplomacy). You are given the Yaoyotl as a symbol of your status.

Archangels Affiliation

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