Terror Bird
The Large birds are terrifying hunters everywhere but the isle, where they represent the bottom of the carnivorous food chain, more often scavengers unless in flocks.
Known Facts
Terror Birds can rake with their claws as well as bite.
They are wicked fast (speed 50)
They often hunt in flocks and are found in every climate type on the Isle
They are easily persuaded to leave a fight if injured and there is meat to take with them.

This sailfin-backed dinosaur is reputed to make a great watchdog—but be careful, they’re ornery!
Known Facts
A dimetrodon’s bark is quite distinctive, sounding like a truncated cross between a lion’s growl and an alligator’s roar.
Highly territorial and grumpy.
Dimetrodons spend most of their time sunning and are capable of astonishing bursts of speed.

Also known as parasaurolophus, this Large, timid dinosaur is known for it’s bill-like mouth and back-swept head crest.
Known Facts
Duck-bills are found in marshy areas
Though defensive of nests, duck-bills are extraodinarily timid in every other circumstance.
You don’t want to get trampled by one.

Intelligent Animals

Emraag the Glutton
This greedy, overbearing dragon turtls has styled himself lord of the seas around the Isle of Dread.
The group has paid Emraag tribute to keep him from attacking Farshorian ships and has offered to keep the Crimson Fleet away from his home in Gallivant Cove.
Known Facts
Lairs in Gallivant Cove and has a huge hoard there
Immune to Fire, Sleep, Paralysis
Can capsize boats by surfacing underneath them
Has darkvision, scent, low-light vision
Is evil!!


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