The Savage Tide

Yeferia's Travel Journal, Part 267 (Part 1 of the new book)
Apes in the night

I’ll be very relieved when we get out of Scuttlecove. People keep trying to kill us! I suppose it is to be expected; we’re a group of crusaders for good in a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Tonight’s attack, though, really takes the cake.

It’s a good thing that I got over my phobia of simian creatures. It was incredibly embarrassing becoming a gibbering puddle of goo whenever I saw something that even vaguely resembled a monkey. I swear, every other demon we fought looked like an ape! That was probably my imagination, but it seriously seemed as though it was above average. It is a good thing, as I was saying, because the Yuan-ti decided we had been snooping around too much in their affairs, and thought it would be a good idea to bring some bar-lguras along.

I’ve suddenly realized a problem that should have been obvious a long time ago. Demons like to confuse people. A very good way of confusing people is to make it so they can’t see. Thus, demons frequently cast “darkness” spells. These spells are impossible to get rid of, except with other spells, such as “daylight” or “celestial brilliance” spells. This is a good thing because I can cast that spell. Unfortunately, I have consistently forgotten to prepare it until now.

In any case, that problem will be dealt with. The fight itself went tolerably well. The Baelan got himself stuck in a ball of glass, and Captain Deva got stuck in her cabin, although both managed to come through fine. Merik and Kira did the best in the fight out of all of us; Kira did well in a grapple for once, and got a lot of licks in. So did Merik, though his axe did end up in the drink. He seems to be very fascinated with his new sword; it seems to be an exceptional blade, and it’s really rather surprising that he can swing it with one hand. No one was seriously injured, and the only person we lost was the old beggar woman who it seems jumped ship during the fight. I can’t say I blame her, although I do feel rather sorry about it. She may not have been a particularly good person, but I felt sorry for her and she deserved to get away from this wretched place. In any case we, put paid to the bar-lguras and the yuan-ti, except for the ones that decided to hightail it out.

Captain Deva was decidedly unamused by the whole shoddy incident, and we’re leaving in the morning. Qualms about the old woman aside, I won’t be sorry to put this place to my back. Well, I will miss the bazaar. So maybe this pirate city wasn’t so bad after all, but the overpowering blindness I get whenever I turn on my “detect evil” vision is, well, overpowering.

Next, on to The Wreck!

Quit harping on me!

So, it is I, Kira Tenryu, reporting on the so-called progress of our party of misfits and misanthropes. Whether it bespeaks our combat prowess and efficiency or our general lack thereof, there isn’t much to report. After Baelon came back from his second trip to the Porphyry House the group resolved to head to the Bird Cage, a brothel/torture parlor run by a bunch of shaven harpies (what is wrong with this town?). Armed with nothing but some silence bombs and our wits, we charged the place, declining to make an appointment at the front desk. Once inside, we made our way to the spacious inner chambers, where we were met by several of the aforementioned naked harpies. Ye gods, they were ugly. I’ve seen demons shat forth from the abyss, and they had nothing on these things. Wasting no time, we got down to the nitty-gritty of combat. Then things got weird. The harpies started singing, and the music started messing with our minds. We managed to silence-bomb one of the harpies, but now that I have NO WINGS we had some difficulty dealing with the flying buggers. Throughout the entire ignominious battle, most of our group was driven crazy by the music and sent running screaming out the door. For my part, I was simply overcome with the certain knowledge that Iago was an enemy that needed to be destroyed. Perhaps that was a sign from Hoar. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that the girls (minus Yeferia, who turned tail and was halfway across town practically before blood was shed) were largely responsible for dealing with the harpies. Elora’s “Orb of Force” thingy always seems to cause a lot of damage. Maybe Casidhe should learn that one. The study would give her something to occupy her time. She’s been making eyes at Meric ever since he raised her from the dead, and frankly, it’s a little disturbing. Anyway, after the harpies were finally dead, we set about freeing slaves and looting. We found an old friend, Captain Harliss Javell, in one of the upper-level torture rooms. Hopefully she can lend us some assistance against the Crimson Fleet. As a side note, that bastard Iago just disappeared on us. He got some letter and just took off! Unfortunately, we’ll have to deal with him later, since we can’t just go after him, wherever he went.

Something I wrote down on a napkin and mailed to my followers

Dearest Argile,

Below I have written a text to be shared with the followers. I also wanted to discuss our affairs with you. I hope the persuasion of the Council at Farshore is going well. We most endeavor to hasten the conversion of these non-believers as I fear that my time on this plane might come to an abrupt end soon. But all things happen as the Goddess wills! We have much work to do in this world. Much of which others might disapprove of, but I believe that they will either come to see reason or be swept away with the tide of history! We need Farshore as a first step in the spread of the faith. Only through its wealth and connection to both the new world and the old shall we see prosperity for the Church in our lifetime! If that means a few individuals need to be dealt with so be it.

I have arrived at the pirate cove unharmed and in relatively good spirits. I have attempted to acquire a slave as a personal servant, but to no avail. I will try again soon. I did hear mention of an orphanage, maybe I will try there. If I can I would also like to sell the giantess to the slavers and make money for our operations. If that were to go wrong and she escapes or the party kills the slaver I would, of course, just claim to have done it to teach the slaver a lesson about the wickedness of the slave trade. I might attempt to slay the Lady Lavinia if given an opportunity to do so undetected. She has proved to be unmoved by my words and teachings in the past and she represents an impediment to the growth of the Church! This will make our work all the easier. But we shall have to wait and see what happens. Remember that this message is for you alone. Only share what is written below with anyone else. I wish you all the best!

The Church’s humble servant,


To the Goddess’s beloved followers!

I have news worthy of rejoicing! I have made it to the pirate cove unharmed. The place’s real name escapes my memory but that is a trivial matter. It was a fairly uneventful journey to this place of thieves and debauchery. We did see some sort of birds on one day but they escaped our gaze soon enough. I spend the duration of the trip spreading the word of our fine church to the non-believers and lapsed followers of our most revered Goddess. Although these sailors proved too superstitious and blasphemous to take much heed in this humble servant of the Goddess. On several occasions we saw the Lady Lavinia in a most disheveled state aboard the pirate vessel. Let it be known that she has suffered the most egregious indignities and that those responsible shall be brought to justice in the name of Her Most Holy Church!!

We hatched a most ingenious scheme to gain entry to this unholy place. The half giant Meela volunteered to act as a slave so that we might disguise ourselves as a band of slavers. This plan did succeed, for a while. I took liberty to attempt to free a slave from the clutches of these monstrous men. However, it was all a clever ruse designed to rob me of my possessions! I, of course, saw through this and came away unscathed! Oh how I bemoan the fact that I was not able to save one of these lost children! Fear not, however, as there will be times in the future that I might liberate one of these sorry figures! After this run in I again took the initiative much to the approval of the party! I found a beggar woman to serve as a guide in this place. The half devil, who is even less devil now, Kira offered what she asked for, a mere copper piece. But I saw through to this humble and poor woman and gave to her all that I could, a whole gold piece. If only the half devil could learn the true meaning of service! I ask that you all pray that he might learn this lesson!

After this the old woman led us to her home. There we revealed ourselves and hour holy mission! The woman wept with joy at the good news, our arrival, that we brought her! She has been moved by my teaching and has asked to join the colony at Farshore! Greet her warmly and make her feel as welcome as possible. I see that she might prove a great ally for the Goddess and the Church. After this meeting she told us where we could find more people who seek to help others and rid the world of evil. So we set off to meet them.

We were only a few blocks away from the old woman’s house when the attack came. We noticed a group of men following us from afar. One minute they were there and the next they had vanished only to reappear next to us with swords drawn! It was a tense fight but we soon prevailed! I slayed one of the evil doers with my own hands! Afterward I offered a short prayer of forgiveness for his soul that he might find peace in the next life. I have forgotten who took down the next foe but at that point the others once again vanished into thin air and were gone.

We collected our belongings and our thoughts and continued on our journey, now aware that we were being pursued by the invisible agents of evil itself! We arrived shortly to the doorstep of those that seek good in this retched place. This is where I must leave the story for today. But fear not there is much more to tell and many more good works to be done here in this place. Until next time!

The Goddess’s humble servant,

Iago the Pious

From the Journal of Kira Tenryu

“Insanity sublime shall make my bleeding heart
Feel cold and fearless anger rising far beyond the dark”

Never really understood the words to that song until now. Now, I understand it all too clearly. The rage is still there; no longer overpowering, but I feel it coursing through me with every beat of my reborn heart. I feel calm, focused, intense. No wings, no horns, no fiendish magical powers. Just swords, tattoos, and a really fat bird. And lots of anger.

Lavinia is gone. It took a while to register, since the news came so soon after her letter. I feel like this is somehow my fault, but instead of running away from it, I want to do something to fix it. I’ve been a coward for far too long. I’ve run away from everything, my whole life. Turned my back on my family, ran away from the monastery, ran across a whole damn continent. I’m tired of running. I’m tired of being afraid. I never tried to make friends with anyone, because I was afraid that one day I would discover that it had all been a lie. But somehow, along the way I found a place where I can belong. I’ve actually found people that care about me. Tico, Axtli, Yeferia, so many others. They came for me, when I needed them most. They saved me from myself.


“Dammit. Poth! I need another feather!”

Lavinia. The closer I got to her, the more scared I became. The more I wanted to run. She deserves better. So if she really no longer wants anything to do with me, that’s fine. Someday, I’ll learn to deal with it. But right now, she needs help. We’ll figure the rest out later. I still love her, and I can’t stand the thought of her suffering. I will go to her, to the very Hells themselves if I must, to bring her back. And the gods help whatever gets in my way.

Balon's Bodacious Blog! Part 4!
"I'm...I'm completely lost here."
So, we arrived in Farshore, and we’re not there five minutes before Kira snatches the note on the door that was meant for him. It explodes, and a huge black dragon appears! It seems to be polite enough, but it tries to eat Kira. Needless to say, we’re not having any of that, and we fight back. While Elora casts something I don’t quite see at it, I cast Mage Armor on myself and charge in front of it. However, it seems to ignore me and goes right for Kira. I don’t see everything it does- it’s a bit too fast for me- I know it gets in a hell of a gore attack and some kind of body slam. Iago runs up to Kira and Meric takes a moment to squint, say, “Dammit!” and runs for the dragon. Casidhe tries to disintegrate the dragon, though I think she mistakes me for it and zaps me instead. I can understand that; to some people, all draconic beings look alike. At least, that’s the excuse I used when I was in…well, that’s another story altogether, and in no way relevant!

“Sorry dragon guy!” Casidhe yells at me.

Yeferia also charges forward (do you get the sense of a common theme here?) and stabs at the creature, but doesn’t do much damage. Kira flails defensively at it, but can’t seem to hit it in a way that seems to matter to the big dragon. It seems fixated on Kira, and just doesn’t notice us for some reason (or at least, doesn’t seem to care about us). It is a polite dragon, and it’s speech is accented in some way I’m not familiar with. I move around to the other side of it, but I don’t do much good there, either. It ignores me when I run past. It picks up Kira in its jaws, and Iago runs away from it (a more sensible action than what we’re doing, to be sure!). Meric climbs on to the dragon, which seems logical to me. Casidhe seems a bit on the indecisive side, but winds up casting Dimensional Anchor. Yeferia once again stabs at it with her naginata, and manages to hurt it a little bit. Elora does something, and teleports to Kira, grabbing at him on her way to the ground, and teleports again. I’m not sure where she’s going, but I think she wanted to grab Kira and teleport away- but Kira remains in the jaws of the beast. Huffing to myself, I holster Magemasher and grapple onto the dragon’s big right toe. In response, it flaps its giant wings, shaking me and Meric off. It uses its wings in a burst of energy, leaping onto what’s left of Lavinia’s mansion, crushing it.

“Come back, you cowardly fiend!” I think Meric yells that, but honestly, I couldn’t tell. I was busy picking myself up off the ground.

With no effort at all, the dragon plucks off one of Kira’s wings with the sound of tearing bone and sinew, and it flutters to the ground like a piece of bloody canvas! Iago takes aim at the dragon with his bow, but misses completely. Meric looks at me, and casts his eyes back at the dragon. I think I get it, and nod and grin -well, all my teeth show anyway, and I hope it looks like a grin. Meric runs up to me and casts Bull’s Strength on me, while Casidhe tries to cast something, but instead opts to run to Yeferia. The elf paladin closes the distance, firing Tico’s new bow at the dragon (where’d she get that? Did Tico give that to her?). An arrow plants itself into the dragon’s scales. Kira, firmly in the dragon’s jaws, stabs his sword at its eye in stark defiance, but manages only to hit its eyelid plates.

Taking a deep breath, I plant my feet and grab Meric by the back of his chestplate, spin around, and fling him towards the dragon. I get some great distance, but not enough for Meric to reach the top of the dragon’s head. He pulls out his sword and axe, and digs into the side of Lavinia’s ruined mansion. The dragon clamps down on Kira, and grabs his horns and remaining wing. There’s a sickening tearing sound, and off comes the wing and horns, leaving gaping wounds that begin to cascade blood out of them. It flings Kira’s bloody mass off the roof, just as Meric calls upon some guy named Ramses, and we can all smell the flesh of the dragon burning. He finishes his climb up to the roof. Casidhe runs up to Kira, who seems to be going through death spasms. Yeferia does the same, shouting her rage at the dragon. Elora, back from wherever it is she went, casts her signature color orb of death at it, that I call the Kaleidosphere, and slams into the creature, but I can’t tell if it does anything to it. Startled, wanting vengeance, I take a running leap at the house, climbing up to the roof, just as the dragon smirks and tells us,

“Don’t mess with your betters.”

Leaving us with a very dead Kira.

Iago and Argyle conspire to bring back Kira. Iago shatters his orb, preparing a spell, standing over Kira delivering a long benediction to our fallen leader-by-default. Kira’s body body begins to re-corporate, and half of Farshore turns out to hear it. However, it seems to fall short of its target (there’s a lot of that going around today), and Kira doesn’t wake up.

A half-giant walks over, and begins examining Kira. She introduces herself as Meela Stormstomper, and I don’t know her- but oh man! I’d sure like to. But focus, focus!

Kira glows red hot, and even though Casidhe and Elora seem to know something, they’re not sharing. Meric walks over and picks of Kira’s weapon, and a funny look crosses his face. “Hey,” Meric says, “It turns out, Kira wasn’t crazy!” Is the weapon…talking to him? I just thought Kira was a nutjob, just like everyone else. Iago runs off with his henchman in tow, and I don’t see where they’re off to. Meric is talking to the katana and mentions going “into” Kira. Thinking about it, I think Walker (or was it the changeling guy? Even I can’t keep up!) wrote about this in the journal, about once going into an artifact and making some beast cry. It’s all about dispelling bad things in an artifact or space… but a person? Can it be done?

Mirri says, in short, that we have to go into Kira’s “soul refraction”, and that it’ll be hard. So what else is new? Since Kira is still currently dead or comatose, that means Yeferia is next in charge, and tells Meric we may get hazard pay, after he goes on and on about it. Meela decides to tag along, for whatever reason. I won’t complain much- the only eye candy we have is a half-naked elf and some girl who probably isn’t out of school yet (and I just feel dirty lookin’, to be honest), so I’m not minding that at all! Not that Elora isn’t attractive, but she looks like Meric, and they could trade off, and I’m just not into that at all.

“Let’s stop waiting around,” Elora exclaims, “Let’s go save the boss!” We all second it.

Mirri indicates for all of us to join hands, and Poth sits on Yeferia’s head, who has an orb.

“Please don’t tell me the verbal component for this is singing Kumbaya,” I say to Mirri.

She responds curtly with, “No.”

Poth, meanwhile, has a short conversation with Meric, and Spits the orb out at him. Meela hands some sort of kitty to Casidhe, who declines to go.

Mirri reminds us that we can’t come back unless we succeed. We all figured it was do or die anyway…none of us do anything halfway! A fog suddenly rolls in and covers everything, and…well, this is where things get weird.

Elora plays with the fog, and Meric suggests we think of Kira, and Mirri agrees. We decide to think of Angry Kira, but that seems to be a bad idea when a Balor almost materializes. I keep forgetting- when inside someone’s psyche, everything is metaphorical!

We discuss some other ideas. Lavinia, for one. She was close to Kira, and she may be able to help us out. That is, the Lavinia in Kira’s brain, not the one outside. Soon enough, we hear her boots clacking against the…something, dressed very much like a swashbuckler. She’s pleasant in manner and appearance, and we follow her to Kira’s Intellect, to a clearing. And there’s a ship captain here. They talk, and I’m a bit..lost? Something about a Leviathan killing Kira from the inside, and something about Self-Loathing and I don’t quite get it at all. I think the captain lady is talking about metaphors and feelings. She tries to explain it to me, but to no avail. If I can’t smash or love it, I don’t get it.

After the short visit, Lavinia and the captain lady take us to a tavern, and there’s a drunk guy waiting for us. He’s totally drunk, and admits to being a douchebag…but wait. This is in Kira’s mind, so there’s no telling if it’s true or not! He makes a pass at Meela, who threatens to pound him. Sexy.

“To the Flogging Room!” Meric exclaimed suddenly, and a huge shadow passes over us. We look into a pool of tears, I think, and we see Kira’s shortcomings with Lavinia, and her in some negligee. Cute. Not my type, though. She looks like if she misses one meal, she’s dead! But then again, a lot of the girls around us are unhealthy in their weight, I think. Mirri looks absolutely anemic- but then again, she’s an elf; she’s supposed to look like that. Sigh Oh well.

As we look into a pool, we see a memory of someone talking to Lavinia about Casidhe, but it seems not as geniune as the others. Could it be a plant? Meric suggests that we kill some of Kira’s negative attributes, which isn’t that bad of an idea. But instead, we seek a plan in Self-Doubt…but instead we find Yeferia. Well, another Yeferia anyway. This one doesn’t seem to speak a language I know, and something big comes swooping in and takes the half-naked elf before we have much time with her. So! Confused!

Failing that, we try to find Kira’s memory in an attempt to find Kira himself. We come to another clearing, and there’s nothing here but a huge block of holey cheese. There is also a gnome here, and someone thinks that Mirri did something naughty with that gnome on the outside. Who am I to judge? But, the gnome turns into a ferret (I didn’t know Mirri was like that I swear!), and it talks about the Leviathan, and Meela asks about Kira’s Loyalty. The ferret says they never met, but there is a good Pride and a bad Pride as well. We opt for good Pride.

We find ourselves in some kind of garden that has an old guy working the soil. There’s more talk of finding Loyalty, and Iago hits on Meela. Off to find Loyalty we go, but Iago thinks that we should kill Kira’s childhood, on the off chance that all his problems stem from those ages.

We find a grubby druid, that from Walker’s journal’s description, I can tell it’s Axtli. He and Yeferia talk about getting rid of Kira’s infernal heritage. Feeling there’s no other way to grab Kira, Axtli screams for help, and lo and behold, Kira shows up! There’s more discussion that goes way over my head, and he points to some kind of monster in the fog, or “mother” as Axtli puts it. He seems to think it’s Kira’s mother, but in this mixed up world, it could just be a cheeseburger or something!

Elora asks about how we can help, and the old guy from the garden shows up, saying that we could try to kill the parent or try to aid Kira in some other way. This plan, I like. Iago, however, says something to Kira about just giving up, which nudges Kira out of his funk and into action. After some argument (cough Iago cough), we charge the demon/devil/cheeseburger thing.

I leap into the air, cleaving pieces off the thing, and Meela charges in to do the same. Her twin swords bite deep, but the wounds close up almost as soon as they’re done. “Bitch!” screams Iago, and slaps her (the devil thing, not Meela). It’s the most macho thing I’ve ever seen him do, but it has no effect- if there was even an effect he was going for. Mirri casts Shield on Kira- if my knowledge of the arcane holds true- and Kira charges into battle, screaming something about that thing not being his mother. Well, damn. I guess we are fighting a cheeseburger. Unlike us, though, when Kira slashes into it, the wounds he makes stays around. Elora readies another Kaleidosphere, and it crushes into the creature, but doesn’t do anything to it. But…Kira’s blow landed. Perhaps we should try shoring up Kira’s psyche instead?

The other bits of Kira are there as well, and Lavinia seems uncertain. I place my trust in Kira instead of attacking, and Meela begins to sing all pretty like. Iago tries to shoot the demon, putting an arrow into her chest, which doesn’t seem to damage her, but it stuns. Just as well, if you ask me. Mirri pulls out a wand of true strike and casts it at Kira, and Meric seems to be dwelling on the battle against Khala. Elora does much the same. Yeferia also give Kira her vote of confidence. So empowered, Kira slices into the foul demonic-devilish-cheeseburger-thing, and sinks the blade in deep, though the other blade lands sharply at my feet! The creature itself falls apart in several sections. That’ll teach it!

Tico the dinosaur shows up, dragging some bulbous thing in its teeth to Kira. There’s a giant sword in its side, with a draconic rune that says “Duty” on it. Kira walks up and pulls the sword out of the lump, and Tico drags it away again, leaving Kira with the sword. I dare to hope that we’ve actually pulled this off. The Lavinia figment throws herself at Kira, and begins smooching him. He and Yeferia bicker, which ends in Yeferia violently expelling her clothes from her body. If only this were under better circumstances! Lavinia tells Kira to love her, even though he already does. Does she mean to give her love or return her love? It just goes to show you that, even though you may travel with a person, you don’t know all about their love life. For that, I just might be grateful.

We all suddenly find ourselves back, but Cass doesn’t seem to think that that much time has passed. When Kira comes out of the tent erected over his corpse that was dropped into the middle of the street, he is bald and wingless and hornless, and his scars give him a very painful looking appearance.

“You are no longer a child of Set,” Meric says. I don’t know what that means, either. It’s just not my day.

Kira tries flying, and Meela tries catching him when he falls, and they both just kind of…fail. However, he suspects that Vanthus (whom I discovered is Lavinia’s dead brother!), may be behind the dragon attack, and everyone including myself find this perfectly plausible. Mirri may try to scry on him later, but he could be readying a trap for such an occurrence. But, if this Vanthus is alive, he’s not counting on Kira being alive, which means we may have a shot at surprising him. Kira’s ship arrives in Farshore, and it won’t be long before we’re ready to move out.

I don’t know this Vanthus Vanderboren, but he’s hurt someone I care about. When I get through with him, he’s gonna wish he was dead…again!

eloras diary

today we had to save kira from himself we had
to enter his soul ..

days end
we enter your soul kira it was filled with
this white cloudy thing that looked alive
they called it fog i have no idea what it is
as i was playing with it i wondered to myself
what it tasted like it must taste like wood
smoke i was unable to try it as we sat in the
darkness we pondered what to do and inspiration
hit brother and i at the same time as it usually
does we began to think on moving foreword and
all it got us was back to the group in the end
we all decided to think good thoughts about you
and apparently the priest who i have trouble
thinking is truly a priest and not just a drunk
couldn’t keep his mind clear he brought up the
manifestation of balor we forced him to think
of happy thoughts and leveniah came out of the
darkness she eventually showed us to the path
that would save you we talked to many forms of
yourself we watched you eat your self doubt
and in the end we cheered you on as you fought
your wrath we comforted you and from the
sidelines i bravely shot into the darkness
trying to save us all but failing when
we came to the conclusion that we should think
happy thoughts my mind wondered to the
times we spent training you were at peace
while going through your stances with brother
i remember watching from the bench as i
read through my book over and over again
ha.. i remember slamming a rainbow orb your way
and you just dodged it and laughed boss your a
great boss I’m glade we saved you now we need
to save her to

A bad day

To day was a bad day, but if you have read the title you already know this. Today started out so well, you know with Kira running up to the note WHILE I was saying “are we going to check it for traps…” So the Fiends that stole away his on-again off-again fiance left him more then a note. And they have learned about our ability to take on there more powerful demons with no problem, so they hired an outside source. That’s right, did a Balor pop out? A Palrethee? Hell even a Kastighur would have been easy, but no it had to summon a dragon, a big dragon, a BIG BLACK DRAGON! Dragons are not my forte, I have never fought one, I have seen the ruins of what a blue dragon we were never able to track down did, and it did not leave one person alive… This black dragon however did not attack a single person other then Kira, we tried so hard to save him… Even our dragon did… My sister even did a real flashy show of her magic that did not phase it… And mussel did NOT work where magic failed… In the end we had to watch as Kira was ripped limb from limb and then tossed down like garbage. I’ll admit I don’t fully like the guy, but he did not deserve that. Then our “priest” and I used the term lightly, for he is less of a priest then Kira himself is. Said he would bring him back if we paid him… IF WE PAID HIM! After all Kira had done to protect this priest and his land, after what ALL of us had done to protect this land this greedy priest says that Kira now owes him 10,000 gold… And worse yet he screwed it up, of course he screwed it up, priests are worth hardly anything, why do the gods give powers to people who understand them so little? I keep asking myself this… But yes, the priest screwed it up and we had to go into Kira’s soul, this is where my day goes from bad to worse. Inside his soul we find out that he is trying to beat out the demon that rests in his bloodline! Who could have known that we could cure the beats of there affliction!? I will have to remember this for the future! maybe someday our wold could be free from the ugly sin spawns of Set. But to focus on my story again we were in Kira’s soul: We met several people of whom I have never met, and who everyone else seemed to know. They were the images of Kira’s personality and we had to get all of the positive ones in one place with Kira to fight his Devil mother, After hitting her a few times with our own weapons we found that they did not affect the beast at all, but soon we realized that if we focused all our positive thoughts about Kira into our minds eye he would become stronger! And by Ra was it hard to think of Kira in a positive light! All I’ve seen him do besides fight is mope and yell and drink! So I resided to focus on the fighting, and with all of our help he managed to beat his mother down to a bloody pulp! And we were finally let out of the hell that was Kira’s soul, I tell you if that happens again I will be staying behind. Considering that its only just past noon I truly hope this day can’t get any worse!

Baelon's Bodacious Blog, part 3!
Crack deep in demons!

And now, the rest of the story…

So, we’ve destroyed the Kopru, and everyone is poking around the chamber of hot mud to see what they can find. We find a metal coffer, with three emeralds inside. Somewhere, Tico finds a metal skeleton, which has a sword and a ring. Nobody, neither Iago nor Tico nor Meric know anything about them after a bit of study- all we know is that the sword is lighter than it should be. Iago wants Tico’s new ring, though I think it’s more because it’s something he could sell. I think Iago’s off his nut. He’s a good guy- more or less- but there are times when he just creeps me out. I do admire his persistence, though. As for me, I finish my mud bath and man, my scales look great!

We go through a tunnel and head north, but it’s not long before I hear something drowning or dying up ahead. I warn the others, and we magically buff up for whatever horrifying monstrocity will ambush us. When we come out of the tunnel, we find a huge pearl.

We also find the monster we are here to kill. I try not to pay too much attention to what it’s saying- it could have charm spells or something!- but it is well spoken for a beast. I hear something behind me, and I whirl around with my sword drawn and scream “Ahaaa…haa….aaa…ha!” That’ll teach ‘em! Or, rather, that’s when all hell breaks loose.

The light from the tunnel shined rainbow for a second, and I think I see Meric chopping on something ahead of me. All I hear is yeling and spells going off behind me. I hear Tico let off a short grunt of pain. The creature attacks Meric again; I plan on joining him up there rather than in the rear. Khala hocks a loogie on Meric, and it looks like acid or something. I surge ahead anyway, attempting to help Meric chop the strange monster into sushi. My blade doesn’t go as deep as I want it to. Kira come up behind me and has more luck. I hear Tico flailing away at another of these monsters. Sounds like it’s hurt, too. Yeferia’s also back there, hurting the creature. I can only see her footwear when the girth of the monster sways a certain way, but it’s heartening to know that someone else is chopping at the great beast.

Meric takes out his petrified dung beetle, and screams, “Ramses help me!” A giant beetle shows up! I don’t know what it says- I don’t speak Mulhorandi- but the bug starts bringing flame and pain to the thing in front of me. It tramples the Kopru-like beast spewing bright light everywhere. Kira and I decide to get out of the way of the giant beetle.

Behind us, Iago shoots some arrows at another beast behind us, pinning it to the cavern wall and killing it. Elora come up behind us, waggling fingers at the monster in front of us (while Khala taunts us). It seems…clumsier than it used to be, and it turns to fight the dung beetle, getting a bit of damage in.

Further into the room and ankle deep in water, Khala casts a summoning spell, and it seems to look like a giant spider. Kira calls it a Retriever and says it’s bad. Good enough for me. I stay away from it, instead choosing to approach big Khala and blow fire all over the hulking mass of demonoid muscles. Khala dodges some, absorbs some, but also takes some. It isn’t completely immune to my fire…thank goodness. Meric has a good plan to take the fight to the bad guys- let’s hope it works! I can see Tico flip right past me on her way to Khala, and it hits her. Tico looks weakened, too. I think Yeferia confronts the Retriever, but I can’t see what’s going on over there clearly. Meric turns to face the Retriever while the poop bug fights the other frog-like monster. Tico continues to flail at Khala; hopefully I can get there to distract it for them! The poop bug kills the skullven (I think that’s what I hear the others call it). I think the Retriever attacks Casidhe- wasn’t she invisible a minute ago?- and hurts her pretty badly. For me, it’s just a big blur back there and I can hardly see anything else other than the giant monstrosity in front of me, Khala.

Casting Haste, I give it to Tico by smacking her in the butt. Hey, if I die here, I want to be able to say I got a good feel out of it! Kira runs around to flank the Retriever. Tico gets in close to Khala and lightly pummels it. Meric charges ahead of me, missing an axe attack. A bolt of energy steaks past us, but doesn’t do much to it. I run to Khala’s flank, and I think Kira on its other side. Tico’s busy healing herself, though- she’s taken an awful lot of damage. Meric moves, having made himself larger, and keeps swinging at Khala. Casidhe fires off a ray of some kind, but it doesn’t seem to do anything that I can tell. I chop into demon flesh, and Kira rushes forward, daisho whirling. Tico resumes smacking it with her stick, which suddenly turns into a bow for no reason. What? Yeferia also rushes in. Meric changes stances ever so slightly and his sword is on fire. Whatever his sword is doing, it seems to be hurting Khala quite a bit. The monster’s heads looked about to Kira, Tico and Yeferia, and I hear Kira say, “Friggin’ gaze attacks.”

A pinkish ball of energy flies out, and it strikes Elora, doing nothing. Kira and I keep step with Khala carving chunks from his demonic hide as he continuously tries to back away from us. Tico seems to be fighting the influence of the creature, holstering her bow in favor of fists and feet. She doesn’t seem to be faring so well, from what I can tell. I hear Yeferia let out a warcry, and she continues to stab at the massive two headed beast. Meric steps forward, following Khala’s backwards movement as well. Elora fires a rainbow beam at the demon, but I don’t think it does much other than dazzle him.

Khala keeps moving backwards, and we who are close stab into him as he casts something that dispels magic. I continue to slice him up and I hear Kira on the opposite side doing the same. Tico bashes the thing with her fists to varying degree of success, and Yeferia uses her naginata to maintain a little distance while stabbing at the creature. Iago, whom I think was hiding behind Elora, runs forward, while Elora flings out another rainbow beam. He moves backwards, doing something to the pearl on the dais, and the demon falls! Tico shrieks and runs away. Iago heals Meric of Khala’s influence. Tico comes back and says, “Just kidding!” I do a victory dance, which probably looks awkward on account of the fact I can’t dance.

After some examination, the pearl is a Savage Tide pearl! It’s designed to explode and spread a sort of wave of madness in a certain radius, but this one is slightly defective, so its influence would only be felt for about…oh, a hundred yards or so. On the next floor, there is a giant mirror, It’s not on, though. We heal up as best we can. Tico digs around the dead body for her other stick. Instead, she finds an old Olman dead body, carrying around a holy symbol of Lathander (I think Meric worships Lathander, maybe), but not Tico’s old stick.

Casidhe prepares to teleport us to a vantage point close to the ongoing battle above us, but we have to fit ourselves into some magic bags. Yeferia is almost eager to hop in the sack, which I’m all for. I hop in the same sack as she does (but nothing happens you perverts!). When we arrive at our vantage point, it seems like our troops are holding their own, but one of the line’s is weakening. Even worse, it looks like one of the demons has her stick, the man-boobed demon that had taken it before. I think there’s a score to be settled here.

Though we were hurt badly in the last fight, we turn to our orbs to help. I never used mine before, but this seems like as good a time as any. Yeferia shatters her orb to give us a day’s worth of rest. Tico uses her to manifest herself in the sky as a giant lady.

“You will feel my wrath!” her image yells, “For attacking my people on my land!” A huge light shines out, scorching the demons where they stand. I can hear the shrieking from where I’m standing. I shatter my orb, hoping to teleport us into the fray. Kira burns a feather, and Elora burns with scintillating light, and her wings detached for a moment, and some Coatl that I think is named Tomato (which is Olman for Fear, I believe) joins us in the fight.

We teleport, instead, to the far edge of the battlefield. Bummer for me.

Good news is, there are these large, ugly birds doing a little dance, and we get to stop ‘em! Meric slides in behind one that is in front of him, and Tico lashes out at him. Elora casts an orb of force at it. Iago calls down a pillar of holy fire that clips Meric, who seems to be in a bit of awe. Casidhe hits it with a beam of energy, and I cut deep into it, killing the blasted thing in one hell of a team effort. That’s one down. The others…hardly worth mentioning.

In short, we slaughter hordes of the demons, coming to the demon who has Tico’s stick. Manboob casts a failed spell at Tico, and Meric charges. He doesn’t hit, but it seems to regard him as a danger just the same. Tico also charges, slugging it in the head with her other stick- but it bounces off. Elora hits it with a Ray of Clumsiness, and Manboob seems to slow down a lot. While Iago shoots it with a bow, Kira also charges ahead. I do the same, casting Haste on myself and Meric. Yeferia comes around and tries to stab it, and Meric slashes into it, screaming, “That’s for farting on me!” To be fair, Manboob did fart on him in our first encounter, and Meric was acting oddly for the longest time. If some demon had farted on me, I might feel the same way!

He half cuts off Manboob’s hand, but does not go all the way through. Kira attacks, cutting into it as well. Elora slams it with an orb of force…again. It bores a hole clean through it and two other demons behind it. Manboob the demon falls and combusts. “That’s what happens when you fart on a paladin!” I hear Meric yell.

After that, the battle turns in our favor. We all wade into combat cutting the rest of the demons to ribbons as they flee in terror. We wind up losing about twenty-five percent of our fighting force, and five percent more are injured, and the Coatl helped save them. Meravanchi is amazingly here as well and is also a hero by the sound of things. Apparently, he routed six of those dancing bird things, while losing his left hand in the process- so he’s kind of like our version of Manboob the Demon! Tico smooches him on the lips and says, “Thank the ancestors, we won!” I don’t hear what is being said after that…it’s just too weird that Tico smooches the guy that would rather knife her and leave her in the gutter and take over her organization but, I digress. It must be the nerves!

We establish a base camp on the plateau- it’ll take at least a month to flush ‘em all out, but for now, we’ve won the battle and the demons are on the run. We still have unanswered questions, but they can wait. It’ll be a victory march to Hymat, and somehow, the island feels less oppressive and more…pure. When we get to the fortress, Tico sends messengers in all directions- the war is over! Her people recognize her as the spiritual leader of her people, and she discovers that they won’t let her leave anymore- she’s too important to them! The day after, Kira disappears, and is found later in Iago’s enclave, drunk. Turns out, Lavinia left him a letter, breaking off their engagement.

Casidhe and Yeferia stage an intervention for the drunken Kira, who doesn’t seem very appreciative of their efforts- then again, it smells like he’s spent the better part of the day getting hammered on rum, which does nothing for his disposition. Kira and Yeferia argue back and forth, supported by Cass and Tico. Kira flies away, after giving everyone the finger. The joke’s on him, though- Cass sics one of the gryphons after him, and Iago uses his holy powers to sober him up. There’s more arguing back and forth, and I’m thoroughly confused, and Kira remains unconvinced. Tico and he argue, and Cass tries to get through to him.

Meric and I, figuring Lavinia is eligible, try to go to Farshore via Mirri- no, that’s not entirely true. We’re going to do our part of help,and along with Elora, we’ll go talk to Lavinia ourselves. If only to tell her what a dipstick Kira’s being.

Once we reach Farshore, it’s clear that something is wrong. The top story of Lavinia’s manor has been blown off, and there’s been a huge fight. On top of all that, Lavinia’s gone. We teleport to back and deliver the news. Debate rages; is Banthas back? It’s a stark maybe. Kira’s slowly stands up, looking strangely calm, for the first time in, well, as long as I’ve known him, which isn’t long.

“What’s up, boss?” Elora asks.

Kira walks out, saying to Casidhe, “Don’t leave without me.”

He comes back, fully dressed for battle and yells for Poth. The fat bird falls out of the rafters.

“Lavinia’s gone,” he says to the bird.

“You up for this?” Poth asks.

“Let’s go kill something.”

Kira affirms his relationship with his weapons, which strikes me as odd, but we all pledge to help just the same. To be truthful, I kind of feel sorry for whomever has taken Lavinia. We’ve freed the Isle of Dread, we’ve piled the dead high, and now we’re gonna carve a chunk out of someone else’s ass. When we find these guys…there will be hell to pay.

Eloras diary

Today we place a victory notch on our swords. I have never witnessed battle before. I won’t lie I was horrified. I watched my fellow angels fall before me bleeding heavily dying, screaming, and fighting. For a moment, I was frozen in time I remembered what my brother had told me when we were children. He told me when I was scared, imagine the sun on my face its warmth covering me cradling me softly take that warmth in and breathe. It will be your courage.

The battle began to move slowly. I saw Tiko our fearless leader grow to an incredible size. She must have been 50 feet high. Her voice boomed loudly in my ears. She rallied the troops and a great light shone from the heavens. I thought to myself. It must be RA’s light coming to bring us courage. I watched the demons around us wail in pain as the light touched their skin. My blood lust stirred. I wanted them to feel my fathers embrace.

We fought for hours keeping the demons at bay. As my blood lust took over I cast many spells against the evil man boob demon and as the battle took centuries in my mind to finish. I cast my last orb of force into this hideous creature and created a large hole in his belly. The rainbow beamed brighter than ever as it hit a few other demons behind the demon dubbed man boob. He fell to his knees and breathed his last breath. I watched the surprise on his face as he looked into Tikos eyes may be for a second I could see his thoughts. He must have wondered how such a seemingly weak group could pull this off and live.

Tonight I sleep with a smile on my face


Tiko's take

We now stand at the base of the ziggurat. This is the base of Demigorgan’s general. Time to destroy him and help our army. We climb the steps, all the while Merric is counting. He says there are three hundred steps. That is exactly how many days are in our calendar. Interesting. Perhaps later someone can come and work out this little puzzle.
Finally the damned rain is abating. Hopefully this will make vision a bit easier. When we finally reach the top we can see much more clearly. At the center of this aspect, there is a huge stone block that is covering the entrance. Merric is on about some silly crowbar. Though I suppose it would be useful here, but he was griping about it even before we reached the top. What a strange man.
Merric and Baelon push the boulder aside and it goes crashing down one of the sides of the ziggurat. I suppose I should have been paying more attention because the entrance was a trap. It was a deep hole with no end as far as we could see and I fell right into it. Luckily the ancestors guided my reflexes and I was able to catch myself. Keira and Yeferia drag me back out.
Obviously this is not the way it. We do a bit more scouting and find the this temple is the same on all sides. Although on one side there is a mirror. Elora says it is now non-functional. Good. I hope we have wrecked many of their plans with out mirror smashing ways.
Eventually we find an entrance and go in. We move down the corridor to the North. At intervals we see statutes of Olman Warriors. Iago of course appears to be looking for something (more diamonds most likely). He gouges out one of the statue’s eyes and a door opens. Let’s here it for greed.
We follow this 70ft corridor to a dead end. There are some strange looking stones and I somehow manage to press the right one and the wall drops to reveal a small room with Olman writing in it. Once we enter the room the door shuts behind us (of course), but there are two other doors one to the left and one to the right.
I read the writing and don’t really like what it says.
May the blood protect the flesh
Ok, creepy. There is a small model ziggurat with a trough at the top. I cut my hand hoping no one sees my hand shaking and bleed into the trough. There is a loud thunk that seems to echo all around us. And then… nothing.
I try the doors. The door on the right is stone and does not open, the door on the left is wood and opens easily. This leads to another corridor with stairs leading down. We are about halfway down when Keira stops and says that someone may be scrying on us. So Baelon decides to moon everyone. Great, just what we need, demons, traps and now dragon ass.
Cassidy tells Keira that he’s getting old and then stalks away. Ahh, I fear the deep seated crush is over.
20 ft down the corridor there is another locked door and Yeferia tries to listen. She hears nothing, so Keira tells Baelon to knock down the door. He makes and attempt to and then bounces off the door to go rolling down the stairs. Dainty little Yeferia steps up and with a quick kick knocks the door open.
Her in this room there is an alter with a trail of blood leading to a doorway and down a flight of steps. Baelon trips, and goes tumbling down this flight of stairs as well. Poor dear, he isn’t very graceful. He lands at the bottom guarded by more Olman statues. There is a hallway to the left about 40ft long ending in a small 30’ X 30’ chamber. In this room there are 18 3’ tall urns. There are harpoons and low and behold a pry bar. Once again Iago goes in search of treasure and manages to break one of the urns. I take a harpoon and we follow a set of stairs leading down into a partially flooded room with 5 huge deformed and horned oysters. So, this is where they make the evil pearls. With demonic oysters.
Yeferia does her detect evil thing and sees 5 great evils and 5 lesser evils. Keira begins discussing these evil oysters. All I know is that I will never eat oysters again.
There are two more exits on the other side of the room. The water is about 2ft deep. One of the exits is 10’long and is semi-natural. It empties into another chamber where there is stone furniture and the water is now 4’deep. And of course there are Kourpurus in there. One of them makes Baelon it’s bitch, I mean thrall and orders him to attack Iago. The other 2 attack Merric and Keira. Luckily Cassidy removes the spell over Baelon and the battle rages on.
During this battle, one of the Kourpuru ducks under the water and swims away. No doubt to tell the general of our progress. We finally kill the other two creatures finding on them three sets of studded leather armor, 2 potions of…something, and I skin them with some satisfaction. We can make some decent leather armor and a couple of bolos.
Keira is a bit cranky afterward. He didn’t appreciate being grappled for most of the battle and kept out of the action. He gets very upset if he doesn’t get to kill something in every battle. I suppose I don’t blame him…maybe it is just part of his devilish upbringing.
We are unable to follow the fleeing Kourpuru and have to turn back to the other partially flooded room. The water here stinks and again is about 4’ deep. There are two exits and we take the North one. After some time there are tunnels that make the stench worse. As we walk down the corridors we are attacked by oozes.
I managed to fall into one, but fight my way back out. We hack and slash at them only to find that this causes them to replicate. Not a good tactic. Baelon breathes fire on one and gets rid of it, but there are just too many and we are on a schedule. So we run past them as they are very slow creatures.
We come to another room that again has water 4’deep. There are mosaics that are not of Olman design decorating the room. There is a door at the end of the room which would open outward. Baelon enlarges himself and pushes the door open. This causes the water to rush out dragging Keira, Alora, Iago and Yeferia out. Keira and Alora are grabbed, but Yeferia and Iago go tumbling out with the water and are washed down a flight of stairs.
Yeferia apparently landed safely enough, but poor Iago landed in a pool of hot liquid.
The air in this cavern is steamy and foul. The floor bubbles with mud pots, geysers and hot springs and contains mineral crusts. Steam makes vision difficult. There are a couple of pillars and some walkways.
Yeferia helps Iago out and he begins sloughing off the hot mud.
I use my staff as a walking stick, making sure the floor is solid, but still all around us the mud boils and pops and we are sprayed with droplets of burning hot, foul mud. As we make our way, Keira begins talking to himself. We realize that he is telling us that there are tentacle monsters in the mud and that they are much larger than Kourpurus.
We begin moving across the walkways toward a door at the far end of the cavern. It is very slippery and Iago ends up getting thrown over Baelon’s shoulder like a sack of flower.
We are getting so close to the door that we can almost taste it when 3 huge Kourpurus rise from their respective cesspools. Baelon creates 4 mirror images of himself carrying Iago.
One of the beasts sees Merric as the biggest threat and goes after him with a vengence. I am not too worried about him. Merric is a threat and a great warrior. He can best this monster.
One by one the tentacles crush Baelon’s mirror images. Probably deciding that this is not the safest place to be, Iago wiggles his way out of Baelon’s grasp to slide down his tail and land safely at the rear of the party. I’ve never met anyone one with as strong a sense of self preservation as Iago.
Probably still feeling a little cranky from his last encounter with the Kourpuru, Keira makes the one he’s fighting with scream and cry like a little girl.
Not liking this, the beast grabs Baelon and drags him into the mud pit. Baelon yells for us to tell him mother he got married. I don’t understand this and hope it was a joke.
There is more fighting and screaming and crying, and even a little dance number by Yeferia as she dances across the mud to do battle. But in the end the monsters know that they cannot defeat us so they summon 4 hezrou. We kill off the Kourpuru and then chuckling because we are especially good at killing demons turn our attention to the Hezrou. It doesn’t take us very long to dispose of that trash.
Although I have to say, during this battle, I became very irritated. This weapon isn’t as good as my holy weapon. And this is supposed to be the great weapon that will destroy my enemies? I want my other one back. I’m starting to get as cranky as Keira. Ok, so no one is as cranky as Keira, but I’m coming close.
But now that all the demons are dead in this room, it is time to figure out our next move.


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