The Savage Tide

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Mikl Report

This missive is written in Ferret, which utilizes the Sylvan writing system purely phonetically. It has been transliterated into written common. Sadly, much of the sophistication is lost in this way, but not enough scholars can peruse these documents in their original form

Lady, you sure were right about these bozos—they need looking after. I’m so glad you told me to stick close to them(and boy have I, more or less), but I still wish I could have saved Zalk; either time, I guess. Anyway, they traveled to the Abyss again and met with a Demon Lord running somekind of spacial prison. They got what they wanted, but no one seemed happy, at least according to my source. She didn’t see much, but she heard everthing. They came back to get the creepy tooth and sealed the deal. They came back again, but not for almost an hour and they were all wet and arguing(ok, that part is pretty normal). I nearly destroyed them, though, because they brought back a WICKED succubus, who seemed to sort of want to help them. Some of her memories seemed to be gone. Anywho, I noticed right away that Juni had a new book. It wasn’t right for her, though, so I traded it out for something she’ll LOVE!

Anyway, the succubus was telling them that keeping Demogorgon offbalance by presenting multiple problems, preferably simultaneously, would be their best bet to win against him. We were prying more out of her when the house started flooding, which was really wierd. Everyone freaked, the succubus fled, and Casidhe plane shifted us back towards (not to, but towards) Farshore and managed to get pretty close, landing us on some of that horrible priests’ land. Then, the small stream nearby turned black and a fogbank rolled up alongside us. Out of it poled the one you said I’d meet, only he was a lot bigger and scarier. But I knew exactly what to do, only I wasn’t sure the guys would do the smart thing, that’s not really their bailiwick . . .

Here is where this particular missive becomes illegible, mostly due to the large purple staining claimed by Prentil I to be Stiplaberry, virtually unremovable withour destroying the blood to which is has alchemically bonded.


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