+1sacred/+1 sacred kauakoi

weapon (melee)

Yaoyotl, the warrior

This +1 sacred/+1 sacred kauakoi is worn with age, but still deadly. When wielding Yaoyotl, you gain a +5 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy checks made involving Mazticans.

Relic Power: If you establish the proper connection (True Believer and 9 HD or 5th level spell slot), you may use Yaoyotl to damage and blind evil outsiders. As a standard action, you command Yaotyotl to release 2 dazzling bolts of positive energy, each at a different target. Each ray deals 3d6 points of damage(no SR) and blinds evil outsiders for 1 round. You may use this ability 3/day. Relic Power: If you establish a higher connection, (True Believer and 13 HD or 7th level spell slot) 3/day you may turn evil outsiders as a cleric of your hit dice turns undead. Creatures you would destroy are banished to their home plane instead



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