Merics orb

a once golden orb now swirls of gold and multi color


These orbs grant their user abilities they do not normally possess. After a 24-hour attunement, the orbs may be shattered, producing an effect visualized by the owner. To cause the effect, a Will save is required. If the effect could be easily produced by a character of the same level, the DC is 10. The more difficult the effect, the higher the DC. If a character fails to fully visualize the effect(fails his will save), the effect is not as intended, though thematically linked. Side effects are common.

After being shattered, the orbs automatically reform into the possession of their last owner one moon later.


After Kira went catatonic Poth came down and asked what was going on, he said that he we reward whom ever answered most to his liking, After I plainly told him that we are going into Kira to save him from himself, he spat this crystal at me.


I opened Merics travel pack and held the orb in my hands I thought desperately for a spell that would bring him back and waited for it seemed like an eternity nothing happened but I already knew it would not and that moment I realized i was truly alone

Merics orb

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