Meric's Statue of Rameses


Throwing this figurine on the ground and chanting an invocation to Ra (a full-round action) causes it to explode into a large dung beetle (use the same stats of a giant stag beetle MM 286, except that its trample damage is half fire), complete with an incandescent dung ball that gives off light as the daylight spell (CL 11). The beetle so summoned is always the same, his name is Rameses (sun or Ra). If Rameses is killed, his figurine shatters. Rameses can be summoned for 12 hours per tenday.
relic power: If you are a worshiper of Ra, and have established a divine connection, you can attempt a DC 20 fort save on Rameses’ behalf if he falls in combat. This allows him to retreat into the figurine instead of dying and heals him with the coming dawn. Additionally, 1/day when Rameses is present, you can have him bless you (standard action) granting you the benefit of the righteous might spell for 1 minute, or curse your enemies (he spits a small bead of solid fire that erupts into blistering radiance). You may designate up to four creatures to be unaffected by the spell.


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Meric's Statue of Rameses

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