Maleficus Spike

This cold iron spike bears warding runes carved ontot its head.


Aura strong abjuration
CL 20th
Slot -
Price – (minor artifact)
Weight 16 lbs

The Maleficus Spike is an ancient item forged of cold iron with an adamantine core designed to keep demons at bay. When driven into the wall of a building, the Maleficus Spike infuses the walls of the structure with a dimensional lock effect and a ward that repels demons. Any outsider with the evil subtype that tries to enter or damage the warded building must attempt a DC 30 Will save. If it fails, the outsider takes 12d6 damage each round and becomes nauseated for 1 hour. An outsider must make a new Will save each round to avoid damage and nausea. The effect is lessened against non-evil creatures; such creatures get +4 bonus on their Will saves, take only 4d6 damage on a failed save, and are only nauseated for 1 minute.

The stone and doors of a structure warded by a Maleficus Spike are considered magically treated (+20 to Break DC, double hardness, and double hit points). Additionally, the structure self-repairs damage at the rate of 5 points of damage per round, provided that the damage was inflicted while the Maleficus Spike was functioning, the Spike cannot repair existing damage when its installed.

A Maleficus Spike consumes an enormous amount of magical energy. It contains enough energy to ward a structure for 24 hours, after which it becomes dormant until recharged. Recharging a Maleficus Spike requires a spellcaster to spend 10 minutes in contact with the Spike, after which the spellcaster selects a number of spell slots totaling no less than 24 spell levels to expend to infuse the minor artifact with enough energy to ward the structure for another 24 hours. Prepared spells in these slots are lost for a day, and for spontaneous spellcaster those slots are used for a day. Spell-like abilities may be used, but only those that can be used a limited number of times per day.


To destroy a Maleficus Spike, you must hammer it into a structure on the Abyss using a hammer bearing the unholy symbol of any demon lord.


Maleficus Spike

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