Tico of Tanaroa

This 'mild-mannered' village girl has a steep learning curve and a distressing penchant for politics.


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Duties: Swear fealty to Archangels. Perform 2 missions per month for Archangels.
Benefits: Equal share of 1/2 Archangel profits each quarter. Food and housing for you and immediate relatives, +2 circumstance bonus on k(planes) checks when in company with a fellow Archangel.
Affiliation Score: 12 = 4.5 (CL 9) + 1 (BAB +5) + 1 (1 year on Isle) +*.5* (Relative’s Affilitation 6) + 2 (6000 gp donated this year) + 3 (killed 32 CR worth of demons)

Olman—Tribal Warrior
Duties: Obey elder Olmans.
Benefits: +2 racial bonus of Hide and Move Silently checks and gain proficiency with the Olman weapon of your choice.
Affiliation Score: 8 = -10 (other affiliation) + 4.5 (CL 9) + 1 (kahiko feat) + 1 (self-carved kaua’koi) + 2 (killed 18 CR worth of demons) + 10 (Yaoyotl)


Recently became Yaotl of the Mazticans through the acquisition of an ancient artifact, the Yaoyotl. This makes her a cultural icon, but an uncomfortable one, as Yaotl means ‘enemy’. Her symbolic function is to combat an area of Maztican life that shows complacency or leads to evil, to keep them on the straight and narrow. Naturally, that is not always met with glee.

Tico founded the the Archangels.

Tico now has her old body back and is suspicious of Merivanchi.

Having discovered that Merivanchi is actually going to be of some use, Tico is setting him up as one of the jungle trainers. She is very surprised that he seems to actually be taking this portion seriously. But upon further reflection, realizes that he is simply doing what he loves the most in the world and that is hunting.

However, that doesn’t mean she believes for a second that Marivanchi is actually willing to work with her as she believes that he should. She already knows for a fact, through the help of Mieri, that he wants to take over the Archangels and send her off crying into a beer. This will never happen of course, and unfortunately he knows this now that he knows who she really is.

She intends to make the most of his resources, but is constantly having to watch her back. She knows that when he has an oppertunity, Marivanchi will be more than happy to stick a knife in it.

However, she has great faith in the people that she knows she can trust. Axtli, will help her make the greatest calvery that ever existed. Meiri has the smarts and the know how to help the museum and the schools take off and help educate all the archangels to make them the greatest magical army in the world. And Eupheria, despite her strange attire, will make a great general. And despite Tico’s constant teasing and sarcastic comments, she has a great respect for Eupheria and her abilities. She appreciates that Eupheria has a good heart and is willing to help others. She is concerned that Eupheria will leave them to marry that snide poppin-jay who is no better than Merivanchi, but if that is truly where Eupheria’s heart lies, then Tico wants her to be happy. If Ehperia ever leaves, she hopes that she can find someone who is as great a warrior, and with just as good a heart as Eupheria.

Iago is fun and crazy, but Tico cannot deny his religious ferver. Or perhaps that is the drunken haze. But in the end, he has been very helpful. She knows that his fields will help feed the oncoming masses until they are able to support themselves. And for that she is very greatful. Just not greatful enough to convert…

As for Walker and all the not Walkers, it’s like a revolving door of personalities. One of these days the personality that appears may not be so willing to help. This concerns her so she feels she has to keep an extra close eye on him/it/them when they are there. It makes her miss Frizzon all the more.

She likes and respects Keira, grumpy fellow that he is. She appreciates the help with the location and the training. She just hopes that he won’t be too hard on the new recruits. She’s already seen them bruised and just a little bloody. Maybe if he made up with Lady Levinia he’d take it just a little easier on them. On the other hand, he is certainly toughening them up. Maybe Lady Levinia should keep giving him guff and making him angry. With that attitude, she would certainly have the toughest, meanest army ever.

Tico does have some personal concerns of her own, but having decided to dedicate her life to the Archangels and the cause, she tries to put her own wants and needs aside. But seeing Eupheria, a woman she greatly respects, thinking about getting married makes it a little bit more difficult. Tico hasn’t strayed so far from her people that she doesn’t think about things like men and children. She does try to turn it toward the men, women, and children of the Archangels and making them her family. But Avner also opened her eyes to the concept of lust. She can’t help but wonder about a consort. After all Lady Levina and Keira, though currently upset with each other, are making things work. However, though she is not a coward, she is cautious of any kind of relationship. After all, things with Avner were way too complicated. Admittedly she did most of the complicating, but still… So whenever she thinks of finding someone to have a relationship with she tries to burry herself in her work, or with her concerns over Merivanchi’s inevitable betrayal, or making sure that the Archangels are provided for. Anything to keep her from feeling a little lonely.

She has set herself down to lay out what she needs for the Archangels:
1) Training the men and women: This has already begun with the combined efforts of Eupheria, Keira, Axtli, Keri and even Merivanchi. She wants them to not only be great individual fighters, but more importantly to know how to work as a unit and as a team. She wants each unit, reguardless of size to have at least one healer or cleric.

2)She wants to build schools. The educated warrior is much more deadly than some brute who only knows how to smash things.
a) the younger children start with a general education with small amounts of physical training and martial skills. Local knowledge is a must as well as some elementary planes knowledge.
b)middle school continues general education with extra courses including entrepreneurship, engineering, crafting, agriculture, jungle survival*, more planer education*, more local education*, more intense physical and martial training, and some students may even begin magical training if they have interest and promise.
c)Further or specialized training consists of someone picking their personal vocation and beginning deeper studies.

Every citizen of an Archangel province who does not choose to become part of the Archangel military still owes two years of service in some capacity or another. It may simply be helping build another structure, or even as simple as cooking for the men, or even making sure that the uniforms are cleaned and pressed.

3) She wants to build a central citidel for protection. Should the lands of the archangels ever get attacked, those that live outside the main hub should be able to draw back behind the walls of the citidel for protection. This citidel should be large and capable of housing thousands. It would be protected by large and strong walls, but these are not the only walls, just in essence the last line of defense, not counting the underground tunnels which should be kept secret with the exception of a select few, Marivanchi NOT included.
a)The architecture of the citidel includes building homes and yards on top of each other. It would seem a complicated layout, but certainly doable. The structures will allow many families to live close to each other, but to still maintain a small yard for children and gardening. It also provides several medium sized market places, as well as schools, the central museum, military offices, and training grounds.
b)Beyond the walls of the central citidel, there should be a few small villages and plenty of farm and forest land, as well as training fields. These two will be encircled by another great wall.
c) Beyond that will be another expanse of land available for more families and what not, but not immediately used. This to will be encircled by a great wall. And this would conclude the design and the completion of one compound of the Archangels. If the Archangels can survive and prosper, then hopefully there will be others in different locations.

4)She wants to build a road for trade. It should run from the wall to Hyamat. It should enable trade between the Mazticans, the Farshorians, and indeed the rest of the world, and the Archangels. Not only does she want to build the road, but she wants to ensure it’s safety.
a)She wants to set up regular patrols along the road as well as several small outposts where travelers can stop for the night and rest. It is several days journey, and the jungle is a dangerous place, especially for those who have not been there before.

5)She wants to have a real museum that would show the history and the progress of the Archangels. With each journey and adventure we take to help build the Archangel’s one item needs to be kept, cataloged and put into the museum with documentation as to what, who, how and when it came to be. Tico knows that with Wren’s great ability, the museum will be a great success for Wren can make the adventures come to life for those reading about it. It will help provide that touch of wonder needed to inspire young minds.

6)To that end she also wants to build a great library. This would be filled with knowledge, as well as many of Wren’s greatest novels and the works of other great bards, but should also contain a specialized section to be overseen by Meiri. This section contains magical scrolls for all of the Archangel mages to have access to. If one is an Archangel mage, one shouldn’t have to worry about having to fight to find the information they need. The Archangels provide for their own. Of course for every spell coppied from the library, one is expected to be replaced. In this way, the library will continue to grow.

8)Being Maztican, money doesn’t hold as much value to Tico as it does to others, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t come to learn the value of it. Not all Archangels are going to be Maztican and many need money to survive. And if one is an Archangel they will be paid as well as other benifits. To that end, Tico wishes to set up trade and possibly even a bank. This would ensure that the Archangels have a never ending supply of income and her people will always be able to financially take care of themselves.
a)As much as this makes her cringe, she can use Merivanchi for this as well. He is a noble and has knowledge of where the money is. He can make sure that we get the best of the deal. He is ruthless enough to make the other merchants cry and prideful enough to make sure he comes home with the better deal, if only to show the barbaric savage children who is the better man.

9)She also wishes to build churches and hospitals. To her the hospitals are more important, but she is not so short sited that she can’t see that to many people thier religion is just as important. She only has to look at Iago to confirm that. She has opened the Archangels to several different churches already, but of course they must also provide something to the Archangel’s as well. And the hospitals are just necessary. She wants to make sure that there are no sick children or citizens of the Archangels.

10)And one other thing that she has noticed is necessary among large groups of people. She wants to set up laws and charters with penalties, fines, and assesments. She will speak more with Wren, Lady Levinia, Meiri, and Eupheria for that. These laws will be written and available in the library, the museum and Tico might just build a Hall of Justice where those who are accused of a crime may come and state their case, but so may those that make the accusation. Lawmakers may study here and determine the best course of the law. Of course those laws must come under the approval of Tico.

So in this time, Tico has much to do and feels the pressure of just not having enough time. She feels the presence of Demigorgon baring down on her. For every step forward to her goal that she takes, it is one step closer to him. One step closer to taking back the island. And she knows that that is not something he is willing to part with. She knows that someday she must face him and she wants to be as prepared for that as she can.

Tico is ready for the coming battle. She has made peace with herself. She is optimistic about surviving the war and then moving on to her new duties. She does wonder however if she will ever be able to find a life that also includes husband and children. Would she be able to stay within her own people or would she have to go outside her own people to find someone that doesn’t revere her so much that the wouldn’t believe it possible to have a life with her.

If that is not possible she thinks that perhaps she will simply adopt a child and raise it with the intention that they would become the next Yaoyatl. She would guide the child to look after all the people in the ArchAngels and to really understand what they are about. She is looking forward to seeing the ArchAngels grow both as a community and as fighting force for good. She knows that the world will not be rid of evil and demons in her lifetime, but perhaps they can make a visible dent. Even if she manages to help some people, she is still doing something worthwhile.

She prays for the survival of her friends so that they may go on to lead strong and fruitful lives. She wishes only for them to be happy. There is a part of her that wishes Axtli could see all that has happened. She misses him dearly.

Tico of Tanaroa

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