This millenia-old young woman has a mud ship and a huge chip on that naked shoulder . . .


Found in the Lost Citadel, Ebeteaux was one of many Olman followers of the minor deity Tzolo in stasis there. After probing her thoughts (and discovering that she wasn’t, in fact, a man), the group woke her up and discovered that her mentor may have caused the Cataclysm by destroying a large, evil gem belonging to the king, that he stole from the aboleths that used to live under the Isle.

The aboleths had been engaged in a war, that the Olman won with a weapon known as Tlaloc’s Tear, that destroyed the capitol Golismorga and ended the war. The king retrieved a jewel as a trophy, but within 10 years the whole government had become evil, most worshipping demons. Tzolo had organized a revolution and been killed in action.

Ebeteaux went into wild, yet restrained, shock/grief and has since decided that she needs to see Thanaclan for herself, to figure out what happened, bury her mentor and correct his mistake. She took off in the mud ship, despite Tico’s attempts to reason with her. Many fear she will not be seen from again.

As thanks, she imparted what knowledge of demons she had gleaned from her mentor—specifically, that Demogorgon’s greatest weakness is his dual nature and that one demon succeeded in playing his sides against each other, the former Queen of Succubi, Shami-Amourae.

UPDATE: Ebeteaux has formed a small guerilla group of lizardfolk and uses them to spy on/harry the evil creatures living on the plateau. She has invited the group to join her in a surgical strike on the army of chaos before it steam-rolls Heimat.


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